10 Best Foods for Weight Loss!


Some studies suggest that a well-balanced, nutritious diet high in protein and fiber can help keep us moving toward our weight loss goals by increasing satiety. In addition to that, the food also provides useful food in the daily diet.

So here are some snack ideas, perfect for a workday and lack of inspiration!

  1. apple

An apple a day can keep the doctor away from weight gain and water. These fruits are low in calories, high in water (which makes them very filling), and are a source of micronutrients, satiating dietary fiber, and antioxidant polyphenols that can have an anti-obesity effect. Research shows that if we eat apples every day for 4 to 12 weeks, we can lose weight compared to avoiding fruit.

  1. Nupo One Meal Replacement Bar

Replace food in a convenient, quick and healthy way. In addition to a very tasty taste, from a nutritional point of view, it has a complete and balanced composition, it is recommended for obesity and weight management, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle . Nupo One Meal is great for work days or after training to keep calorie intake down. In these busy times, most of us turn to unhealthy foods that are high in calories, fat, sugar, salt, or caffeine, all of which are unhealthy. being unhealthy and leading to weight gain. That is why Nupo One food is a good solution to replace food quickly and efficiently, without worrying about calories and food.

  1. Very strong

It is best to eat breakfast, and the egg is considered a great food for weight loss due to its low calories and high protein content (6 grams). This is because the egg is high in the satiety index. In addition, research shows that eating eggs with food can reduce calorie consumption during the rest of the day, compared to eating other meals. So, don’t just include eggs for breakfast if you want to lose weight!

  1. One meal + Cookies and cream

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies when you eat? The solution is that it comes from Nupo. Cookies & Cream Cookies have a delicious oatmeal texture and a delicious whipped cream filling. It’s a meal replacement you’ll love! Cookies and cream is part of the +Prime meal group and is a meal replacement with more to offer than regular meal replacements: 70% less carbohydrates; 30% more protein and 400% more fiber.

  1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is on many lists as one of the best foods, whether we want to lose weight or not. It’s a good source of vitamins and minerals, it’s a great substitute for high-calorie ice cream, and its protein helps keep you fuller for longer. One cup of Greek yogurt gives you 15 grams of delicious protein. To get the full benefit of this product, it is recommended to eat plain yogurt with 2% fat, and if you want sugar, you can fill this bright food with any fruit you like, such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. .

  1. Nupo One Food – Prime Strawberry Love

Nupo One Meal +Prime Strawberry Love is a shake designed with a strawberry milkshake flavor, rich in nutrients and used as a meal replacement for weight loss and weight management. For days when you want a change, you can also try shakes with vanilla flavor or caffe latte. Nupo One Meal Shakes are meal replacements that can replace 1 or 2 meals a day. Nupo One Meal Products are convenient, quick and healthy meal replacements. In addition to a few calories and a very sweet taste, it has, from a nutritional point of view, a complete and balanced composition, it is recommended both for obesity and weight management, but also for maintaining live a good life, without the work of the body. damaged by lack of food.

  1. Cheese house

Cottage cheese has been and still is a staple of many weight loss diets for good reason, being high in protein, low in carbohydrates and low in calories. The most common type of protein in cheese is called casein; is a slow-absorbing form of milk protein, helps stabilize blood sugar levels, provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety, and helps muscle protein synthesis when after the workout. Cottage cheese is a great food when you want to lose a few pounds and you can eat it before going to bed. Researchers at Florida State University* found that eating 30 grams of cottage cheese protein about 30 minutes before going to bed seems to have a positive effect on muscle health, metabolism and overall health.

  1. Mixed vegetables

Like it or not, vegetables are a food with a lot of health benefits. Vegetables like carrots, red bell peppers and celery are high in water and low in calories. Plus, they all contain satiety-promoting fiber, making them a triple threat when it comes to weight loss. Cucumbers are also a great snack idea without worrying about refrigeration. Containing 95% water, cucumbers are good for hydration, have a low glycemic index, provide benefits against cardiovascular disease and can help regulate bowel movements.

  1. Nupo Protein Diet

They are recommended as a quick snack between meals or as a good alternative to a meal full of carbohydrates, low protein, high calories and a low and non-essential content. Nupo Protein Bars are a delicious snack, they have a soft and tasty texture, are very high in protein, but have few calories. They are good for maintaining weight or losing extra pounds, both before and after sports training, thanks to the protein content. Especially for the time when you are looking for a sweet treat, you can go to: shiny wafers covered in chocolate and filled with good cocoa cream, without added sugar and rich in protein; Nupo protein bars contain chocolate, sugar-free and high in protein and fiber. The delicious Nupo Protein snack bar 40 grams contains only 137 kcal and 29% protein. The bar has a dark chocolate flavor coating – combined with a milk chocolate flavored protein base – making it a healthy protein supplement that also appeals to those with a sweet tooth.

  1. NUTS

Cashews, Brazil nuts, almonds, pistachios, all are wonderful foods when we need energy! Walnuts are rich in selenium and omega-3 fatty acids, pistachios are rich in carotenoids, and almonds in protein.

These are some of the best weight loss foods that you can enjoy all year round and still achieve your weight loss goals.

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