7 types of burgers loved by every gourmet

The famous hamburger, commonly referred to as “burger”, was invented in the early 20th century.

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It appeared in the United States, from the growing need for dishes that are easy to cook and eat, which can be produced at scale.

perfect for working people. The name hamburger is said to be a German style of food, “Hamburg-style steak”.

Originally, it was a simple meatball of minced beef, sandwiched between two buns. Meanwhile, burger recipes have evolved dramatically, with more and more delicious options appearing on the market.

Here are our tips:

1. Classic cheeseburger

Nothing compares to a classic cheeseburger, prepared only from natural and tasty ingredients.

The first recipe includes a delicious beef patty, topped with a small piece of melted Gouda cheese, and topped with fresh toppings: tomato slices, onions, crunchy lettuce leaves and pickled cucumbers. Everything is finished with ketchup and mustard, for a nice, authentic and delicious taste!

2. American BBQ burger

When you’re looking for a good taste, a burger with sauce and onion rings is just what you need.

It consists of one or even two pieces of beef, red onion rings or fried onion rings, in breadcrumbs, pickled cucumbers and many spicy sauces.

If you like an American lunch prepared a la carte, you can order a delicious burger online, here. It will be at your home or office as soon as possible!

3. Crispy burger with chicken and parmesan sauce

Those who do not like red meat, but appreciate good burger, will always choose a dish based on chicken breast rolled in breadcrumbs and eggs, then fried in good oil.

Served with parmesan sauce or mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers and lots of crunchy lollo salad, it goes perfectly with a side of potatoes and yogurt, lemon and Italian herbs.

4. Mini burger with jalapeno peppers

If you like spicy food, you will love this recipe. Try a burger with spicy meatballs, made from beef or pork, topped with the famous jalapenos.

Burgers can also have chili sauce or spicy mayonnaise, made with hot chili peppers. To balance the flavor, add a side of fried potatoes to a refreshing yogurt-based sauce.

5. Norwegian burger, with salmon and arugula

Although it is more popular than the cheeseburger or the chicken burger, this special type will delight the taste of every gourmand who loves fish.

The burger consists of a small tender salmon like a meatball and is finished with a green salad, arugula, lemon and maybe a sweet vegetable, fruit. Mango chutney is a perfect choice, in this sense.

6. Burger with halloumi and grilled vegetables

Even a declared vegetarian will enjoy the taste of 100% vegetarian food. A bun with nuts, a light slice of halloumi cheese and a mix of grilled vegetables is a winning combination.

Eggplant, zucchini, boiled peppers and mushrooms go well with spicy sauce, aromatic herbs and salad.

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7. Burger with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes

If you like fusion food and think a veggie burger is blasphemy, try this recipe. It’s a well-oiled bun with basil and parmesan pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and lots of salad.

For the “meatball”, it can be replaced by a generous piece of mozzarella and a bright string or even by a combination of sweet vegetables.

These are some of the most popular burger recipes. Next time you have lunch, order one or even prepare it at home, yourself. Whichever style you choose, you will have a guaranteed party!

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