A famous restaurant sells ice burgers in Japan

In 2019, the restaurant chain made the controversial decision to introduce plant-based Whopper meat to its restaurant menu for vegans. The decision shocked the unselfish Americans far and wide who came to spread conspiracy theories and false information that vegan burgers lead to breast growth in men.

On August 15, a restaurant in Japan took an unprecedented step to cool down customers suffering from the heat, reports Yahoo News.

It sells a Whooper with a “crusted” layer on top of the beef, a specialty called the “Ice Whopper” as part of the “Summer Love” menu, and Coca Cola cold water bottles.

This recipe is inspired by Kakigōri, a Japanese dessert, which consists of a cube of shaved ice, topped with fruit syrup and a sweetener, usually milk.

In the case of the Whooper, a layer of ice is placed between the beef, pickles, and bun on the bottom, with onion rings, tomatoes, lettuce, and the bun on top (called the “Crown”).

The collection is only available in limited quantities between August 19 and 20, with advance online booking, at a price of 1,000 yen, which is about 7 euros.

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