A Romanian who returned from Italy produces salami in Romania under the brand “Gustarea Regelui”

A Romanian who worked for many years in Italy, where he found cellars and cellars designed for sausages and cheeses, opened a laboratory in TimiÈ™oara where he produces natural salami under the label “King’s Food”.

His name is Alin Maxim and he has invested about 22,000 euros in his business. He always produces two types of salami, and makes other sausages from time to time. His ambition is to create sausages without any kind of preservatives. The entrepreneur uses a technique he learned in Italy, namely dehydration.

“There are many experiences behind me that made me here” – Alin Macsim said for Ziarul Financiar. “I put the brand on its feet little by little, since the last 12 years. It all started with the emotions connected to one of the wineries I visited in Italy and where I saw the products of the people and the questions made in the great interest. I put this dream in a drawer and took it out there in 2020, I shook a little from the sand, when I started to do the first experiment. We started with a small kitchen that was built by hand and created the first of the salami. I have a few recipes that are other stories that I collect and put in a journal. The experiment became an industrial enterprise. The investment amounted to about 22,000 euros, money raised and small grants from the family.

The salami produced by Alin Maxim is wrapped in a good shape, which grows normally, when the product meets certain parameters. The process of wrapping and mold is slow and is due to the first round of fermentation of the product.

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“This color gives this product a pH that brings it into the food preservation system and allows me to create a product without nitrites and nitrates. By reaching the right pH, this product is ready to allow culture The mold is established and protected,” he explained.

Photo Source: “King’s Food” Facebook page

His customers are mostly from Timișoara, but Alin says he also has many requests from other cities. One kilogram of salami costs 110 lei. The production of one kilogram of salami includes two kilograms of meat, spices and a flowering period of 90 days.

Photo Source: “King’s Food” Facebook page

The whole article can be read here: https://www.zf.ro/afaceri-de-la-zero/afaceri-zero-alin-macsim-s-intors-timisoara-dupa-lucrat-multi-ani-20830904 .

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