A woman orders a burger, but finds something that scares her. More than he can give

When you are hungry and don’t have time to cook or when you just want to eat well, a fast food restaurant seems to be the right solution. However, a young woman who ordered a burger passed the unimaginable moment soon after biting into the sandwich. When he saw what he had discovered, he was speechless.

A young woman was eating a burger at a fast food restaurant when she made an unexpected discovery

This is the strange situation of a customer of a famous restaurant chain, where burgers and fries are sold in particular.

Being hungry, a girl ordered a sandwich and started eating, but then she felt bad. When he picked up the bun and looked inside, he was not surprised when he found that inside it was a dead lizard, which was well placed between sauces and other things.

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Angry, a local merchant from Sain-Witz (Val-d`Oise), France, complained about fast food, but they gave him a 10% discount on the product. Infuriated, he told the media that what impressed him the most was that his colleagues were not surprised by what happened.

“I thought something was wrong. I opened the burger and found a lizard. They made me feel that they were not surprised. The chef had no problem coming to talk to us even though he was there. The store manager was not there,” he said, according to mirror.co.uk.

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The girl decided to sue the representatives of the fast food restaurant chain.

Without thinking, the girl took her phone and took pictures of everything, and the images published on the Internet became viral and caused many reactions from people all over the world.

From a similar accident, and in a chain of fast food restaurants, Stephanie Baker also passed away. He ordered what he wanted from the menu, then took his products and sat down at the table. When he tucked into the burger, he made an unexpected discovery that left him speechless. This event took place in Victoria (Australia), but it hit the Internet and quickly went around the world. After taking a closer look at the burger she ordered, the girl made an unexpected discovery that left her speechless. Inside the sandwich, on a slice of cheddar cheese, Stephanie Baker found a toy.

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