Apple cake, by the glass. A wild dessert, ready in minutes. One serving contains only 160 calories

Apple cake, by the glass.  A wild dessert, ready in minutes.  One serving contains only 160 calories. Source -

Apple cake, by the glass. A wild dessert, ready in minutes. One serving contains only 160 calories. Source –

Are you looking for something delicious but don’t have time to spend in the kitchen? Nothing is easy. You can make apple pie with only 160 calories.

This dessert is perfect to enjoy as a snack or breakfast. It will be appreciated by both adults and children. In addition, you will prepare a delicious dessert without spoiling many dishes.


45 ml of milk,

30 grams of brown sugar (can be replaced with one white sugar or 15 grams of stevia),

30 grams of flour,

5 grams of ground cinnamon,

1 apple,

half a bed,

baking powder.

Preparation process

The apple is washed and cut into cubes. Put an egg in a bowl and beat it with sugar or stevia. Mix the two ingredients well. Add sifted flour and baking powder and mix again.

Add diced apples and cinnamon. Mix well with a spoon to incorporate these ingredients.

Bread, homemade, no oven: you need water, flour and 2 tablespoons of oil

The composition is poured into a glass, painted with a little oil and placed in a microwave oven at full power for a few minutes. Before enjoying this dessert, let it cool for a few minutes.

If you want a sweeter version of apple pie, you can add a little dark chocolate. When the dessert has cooled, sprinkle it with a little icing sugar. Good appetite!

Money. Tart with pears, apples, honey and walnuts. Recipes for autumn days

The season of pears has begun, so you should be making a lot of these fruits.

This is a recipe for pear, apple, honey and walnut tart.


pears – 3 pieces,

apple – 3 pieces,

walnuts – 100 grams,

butter – 150 grams,

honey – 60 grams,

flour – 250 grams,

sugar – 150 grams,

Salt powder.

Step by step instructions

For this tart, you can use any fruit or a combination of them. Melt the frozen butter well. Add sugar, salt and flour. Mix it with your hands until it dissolves. This must be done quickly so that the butter does not have time to melt from the heat of the hand.

Apple Pie: Amazing, easy and quick. The three cup recipe

Take 4 tablespoons of the obtained crumbs and put them in the freezer. Others are installed in a removable form with a diameter of 26 cm. In a cup, press the crumbs down to form the base of the tart and the sides are about 2 cm high. Place the container in the refrigerator.

Heat the oven to 200 °. Cut the pears and apples in half, remove the core. Cut the fruit into 2-3 mm slices. Pour the walnuts into a dry bowl and chop them finely with a knife.

Remove the cooled dough form from the refrigerator and add half of the walnuts. Next spread the pears and apples over the walnuts like a fan. Cover the pears and apples with the remaining fruit and sprinkle with honey. Remove the crumbs from the freezer and sprinkle over the fruit.

Eggplant comes out with a delicious filling. One serving contains only 50 calories

Bake the tart in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. Good appetite!

Money. Carrot cake, great food for dinner with friends

Carrot cake is one of the favorite foods for weekend get-togethers or dinners with friends.

Application for above:

flour – two and a half cups,

flour – 2 tablespoons,

salt – half a teaspoon,

cinnamon – 2 teaspoons,

nutmeg – a quarter of a teaspoon,

eggs – 4 pieces,

cooking oil – one cup,

unsweetened apple – 1 cup,

brown sugar – 1 cup,

granulated sugar – 1 cup,

grated carrots – two and a half cups,

chopped walnuts – 1 cup.

For cream

butter – half a cup,

cottage cheese – 200 grams,

powdered sugar – 4 grams,

vanilla essence – 1 tsp.

Preparation process

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Grease the baking trays with oil. Line the bottom of the loaf with parchment paper. Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl. In another large bowl, combine the eggs, butter, applesauce and both types of sugar.

Chocolate banana cake: a delicious recipe for the whole family

Mix the two ingredients together until combined. Grated carrots are mixed with crushed walnuts and added to the dough. The dough is poured into prepared trays. Cook on high for 30-35 minutes.

Chicken shoes, prepared in Moroccan style: a simple and delicious recipe

Then, leave the top to cool in the pot for 10 minutes, then run a knife around the edges of the pot and turn them on a plate. Let the surface cool completely.

How to make cream

Add one to the cream cheese and mix until the mixture is smooth, about 3 minutes. Add powdered sugar and vanilla essence and mix until there are no more lumps. Mix the cake, spread the top of each with cream. Good appetite!

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