Apple chips, prepared in the microwave oven: a simple recipe

Apple slices, prepared in a microwave oven – a simple recipe. Source –

At home, you can make delicious, healthy and low-calorie food – apple chips.

Apple chips can be cooked at home in the microwave. To prepare apple chips, you will need a little food and a little time.


sweet apples;

cinnamon or vanilla.

Apple crisps recipe step by step

Cut the apple into thin slices. Place a paper towel on a plate and add the sliced ​​apples. Sprinkle them with cinnamon or vanilla.

Put a plate of apples in the microwave and cook at 1000 W for 5 minutes. After that, wait for the apples to cool.

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On average, the calorie content of apples is 253 calories per 100 grams of product.

Money. The most delicious stuffed pumpkin. A recipe that all wives must know

Fall is approaching and so is pumpkin season, which is great for adults and kids alike.

Although pumpkin contains more than 90% water, it contains many vitamins, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates.

The benefits of pumpkin are very simple: the vegetable contains vitamins such as A, C, E, D, PP, K, Group B and vitamin T.

This is an amazing and delicious pumpkin recipe that will be a wonderful addition to your holiday table or dinner.

You will need the following:

pumpkin – 1 piece,

rice for pilaf – 50 grams,

apple – 2 pieces,

grapes – 25 grams,

sugar and cinnamon – to taste,

butter – 1 tbsp.

Preparation process

We choose pumpkins of medium size and without defects in the form of black spots and cuts. Wash the pumpkin well and cut off the skin. It should not be thrown away, because it will be useful to us.

We remove the fruit from the pumpkin, which will be dried and fried. We remove all the flesh of the pumpkin with a knife and spoon. Cut the pumpkin meat into cubes.

Zucchini and pineapple flavor: a unique and delicious recipe

We peel and cut apples into cubes. Mix sugar, rice, pumpkin pulp, apples, dried raisins and cinnamon.

Mix everything well and add them to the pumpkin. On top, we add one butter. We close the pumpkin with a lid, which we cut earlier. We turn on the oven at 180 degrees and bake the pumpkin for about 50-60 minutes.

The sides of the pumpkin should be covered with paper to prevent burning. Once the pumpkin is soft, we remove it from the oven and let it cool. Good appetite!

Money. Do you like pumpkins? You can freeze it and eat it in winter. What steps should you follow?

Pumpkin is a vegetable full of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is rich in fiber and low in calories, which makes it very nutritious.

For this reason, wives often use pumpkin to prepare various delicious dishes: pies, cakes, soups and many others.

Those who love this vegetable are wondering: is it possible to freeze a pumpkin for winter consumption? In fact, any type of pumpkin can freeze. It is important that it is ripe.

A dish of apples with cheese and prunes: they are very good and ready in 7 minutes

If you buy a large pumpkin, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to cook it right away. In the refrigerator, the cut pumpkin is kept for a short time, about 3-4 days, and then it is destroyed.

And if you freeze the rest of the pumpkin and share, then you can always cook your favorite food. To do this, just remove the bag of pumpkin from the refrigerator and get to work.

Pumpkin can be frozen and raw and cooked. Use the option that suits you best.

How to melt pumpkin

You will need a pumpkin, a knife, a chopping board, food film, a plastic freezer bag.

Wash the pumpkin, remove the skin and seeds. Cut it into small cubes.

Cover the tray with cling film and spread the pumpkin cubes on it in one layer. Send the pan with the cut pumpkin to the freezer for about an hour.

A very good dinner, ready in 5 minutes: you need eggs, tomatoes and cheese

Arrange the frozen pumpkin cubes in a plastic bag, which you will store in the freezer.

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