At Mamma Mia all burgers have a fresh homemade bun, which is made every morning! • Good day Iasi •

Want a burger with a homemade bun? Of course you want!

I went to different food experiences both in our country and in my travels abroad! With tens or hundreds of plates, some are exotic, others are combined or even traditional. But one dish is on my list and that of many of my friends… Burger! And when it’s time to eat, the Burger menu from Mamma Mia is just what you need!

The chefs at Mamma Mia are doing a good job, they have 6 different burgers for each diner and combine the ingredients according to the clever recipes! Yes… yes… as you heard, at least I prepared a crispy burger! The best combination… and I’m still a fan of hot and cold most of the time

I have this problem… what should I choose? Crispy or burger! Case settled! Well done! … you surprised me and I can honestly say … it’s delicious and exactly what I want, especially when I can’t see my head and I need to quickly order ten things!

I will tell you the most important things so that you don’t waste time in the city looking for the perfect taste! There may be many burgers on our show, but this one from Mamma Mia reminds me of my childhood…the taste of fresh bread! That’s it! The shell or head as I call it is bright inside and the string is yellow, full of seeds and a little crunchy outside!

What could be better? The ingredients are made with care and the food is delicious

in a fresh homemade bun, every morning from the bosses of Mamma Mia!

If you have some preferences, the people at Mamma Mia have prepared for you 6 burgers, which you can find on the restaurant menu and on the website or app: Burger Mamma Mia, Turkey Burger, Fish Burger, Crispy Burger, Breakfast burgers. and a vegetarian version of the burger!

Now you know where to go with friends or where to grab a delicious burger made to order! You can order NON STOP from and you can download the Mamma Mia app, to get all the benefits: 10% cashback on every dish ordered online, desserts and free shipping!

Have fun!

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