Autumn festival, with bulz and pastrami, from Thursday to Sunday, in the youth park in the capital

The autumn festival, with bulz and pastrami, will take place, from Thursday to Sunday, in Tineretului Park, according to a press release from the organizers, sent to Agerpres on Wednesday.

“Whether it is called polenta bulz, shepherd, polenta bear or polenta goose, filled with curd, curd or cheese, bulzu remains a food that reminds the taste of the shepherd’s dishes of the past. The quality is perfectly captured in the abundance of Romanian tastes, but also the simplicity of life in the mountains or in the countryside. To be added Romanian flavors through a special dish, delicious polenta and blankets, a re-rolled bulz, prepared according to an ancient Transylvanian recipe, in which skilled chefs will gently layer the polenta, one cheese, one of the butter. , smoked a lot, with a layer of polenta, butter, cheese and smoked meat, and at the end, instead of “cream” and this special “achacha”, they will spread it well and layer of new cream”, organizing the ceremony said.

According to them, the shepherds will prepare the pastrami very hot on the grill.

The chefs will give “from home” the best kept secrets about cooking and roasting meat: bacon pork, pastrami mutton mutton, grilled beef, pan beer pastrami, mutton loin, meat pastrami – in a crack, on the bottom of a tree or in the ground. cauldron, homemade pork sausage or homemade pork or pork sausage, fancy sausage, raw or smoked sausage, all this and -followed by a glass of wine, must or beer, and it is said in the statement mentioned.

There will be no shortage of Maramuresian, mountain, Moldovan pies, Dobrogen cheese pies, seasonal fruit and bread, all prepared “in the perfect way of the world”. Guests will be able to enjoy delicious desserts, pancakes and donuts, cheesecake and fruit cakes, gingerbread for children, cherry and sour cherry jams and jams, all prepared with natural ingredients, cooked according to traditional instructions, the source said.

Access to the festival is free.

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