B365 – The 5 best bread brands in the world

For many people, the best bread in the world is children’s bread or those prepared at home with love by parents and grandparents. However, many people who cook cakes prefer to show the confectioneries of the season or online confectionary, different special cakes thanks even to people outside the country. Some of them are the Black Forest cake, a cream-filled cake with fruit and cream, baklava (the famous walnut or pistachio rolls) and Mochi (a Japanese soft dessert).

We spoke to the folks at Zoomserie Confectionery and found out which are some of the most loved cakes in the world. Therefore, we present to you the following 5 of the most classic and beloved selection of cakes from around the world and great inspiration of cakes for different occasions, perfect for weddings, baptisms, candy bars, etc.


From Russia, pavlova is printed today in different countries, in different ways. It can be found in the gifts of some confectioners and cakes that are delivered to the house, but it is small. Each detail has an exciting flavor that cannot be easily forgotten. The most popular option is the one in which meringue is combined with fresh fruit, this is a good treat when hunger strikes.


What in Romania looks like small donuts that are decorated or filled with jam, marmalade, chocolate or different things, and the original recipe from South Africa, they have currants and raisins inside. In fact, this desert has different routes around the world, each with at least one favorite recipe that includes traditional donuts. You can order such a cake for different occasions, especially for candy bars, but in the form of reversion.


From the name of this desert, you can easily guess the country, panettone is becoming more and more popular product, especially around celebrations when confectioneries receive the most orders of home-delivered bread. Unlike cozonac, panettone is a softer, more aromatic version, served with chocolate chips and/or candied fruit. Its unique aroma is highlighted with a glass of wine or hot drink.

Macarons – some of the most ordered cakes in your home

Colorful, crunchy and fluffy at the same time, macaron recipes win over both adults and children. They are said to have royal roots, but they can be found in any online store and not just that. With or without it, they ended up being one of the best-selling breads of all time, all over the world.

Lava cake

No one will say that lava cake is a cake that has gained popularity now through a simple cooking error. The idea of ​​leaving a traditional cake in the oven for less time than necessary for baking, turned out to be a real success. This recipe is gradually being improved so that all customers of large restaurants and confectioners can benefit from a good cake with a delicious cream in the middle.

Some of these cakes, as well as other delicious, creamy variants with a sophisticated appearance, can be ordered today through online confectionery and received directly at the door, to make the pleasure of any gluttons.

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