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Sweet cheese cake is one of the most popular and easy recipes. For some of us, this traditional dessert reminds us of our childhood, when we passed the old living room of our grandparents. The cake is simple, but delicious. A sweet, aromatic and not over taste!

This can be done at any time, especially if we miss our childhood a little and are full of nausea. Of course, the preparation of this dessert will be appreciated by family, friends and any guests.

What is required for a delicious cake

For this recipe, we need different ingredients, but most of them you must find in your kitchen. Although the many ingredients may surprise you, the bread is very easy to prepare.

For the dough, we will prepare about 130-150 grams of white flour, and 120-130 grams of sugar. We will also need two large beds for the beach. Next, prepare a little sunflower oil, about 50 ml. We will also need 60-70 ml of milk and 5 grams of powder. Of course, we cannot forget a little salt. No recipe is complete without it.

For the filling we will, of course, need the main thing, that is, cottage cheese. About 500 grams will be enough for us. Prepare two more eggs of suitable size, and 80 grams of white sugar (preferably). It would be wise to add the smell of vanilla pod, but it can be replaced with vanilla essence. We still need some buckwheat starch, but if you don’t have it, you can use 20-30 grams of flour. If you like, you can also add some raisins and some grated lemon zest.

These are all the ingredients we need for the cheese cake.

Cheesecake – how to make it

We can start by making bread. We prepare a large bowl in which we put the two eggs, along with white sugar and salt powder. We mix them well, until the composition of foams. In a separate bowl, mix the prepared flour and powder. After that, we add them to the egg mixture, as well as milk. Mix well until homogenized, then add ready oil. We also put this in the mix.

We can prepare the tray by covering it with paper. In the tray, we pour only half of the amount of ingredients. We heat the oven to 180 degrees when we put the tray. This happens in 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, we can prepare homemade cheese filling. Grate the cheese well, then put it in a bowl. On top of this, we add the best white sugar, prepared starch (or flour) and vanilla essence (or essence). Everything will be mixed well, until it is combined.

After that, it’s time to add two well-prepared eggs for filling, as well as raisins and grated lemon peel (if you choose these options). We also include these in the composition.

When the first top is ready, we can pour the cheese filling, and on top we pour the rest of the ingredients one by one. We can put the tray in the oven, again, for about half an hour.

When the time is up, remove the cake from the oven to cool. Only when it cools down can we cut it and serve it.

Cheesecake is a delicious dessert!

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