Bucharest Day 2022. Lots of fun activities, both for young people and for families

Residents of the capital can enjoy this weekend during the events organized by the city, Bucharest Daywhich showed the 563 years of the city.

Many entertainment activities, both for young people and family members, are organized in different areas of Bucharest.

In the center of the city, the most interesting thing is the “Symphony of Water” show, in which the citizens of Bucharest gather in large numbers to enjoy the music of fountains, lights and music.

Again you can read details about Bucharest 2022 dates here.

The autumn edition of the Bucharest Street Food Festival was held on Kiseleff Street, where attendees were treated to good music and good food.

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As for the variety, there is a dish for all tastes.

George Saghin – customer: “There are some good deals. Among the best sellers are our burgers, George’s Burger, which is a real burger, and Festival, which is a festival burger.”

Cooked paella: “We cook seafood, with salsa verde, which means garlic and parsley, tomato sauce, we add Spanish bomba rice, then we add fish soup, shrimp, mussels, and that’s very beautiful paella and seafood.”

Filters cannot be exited in the group menu. Ciprian recreated the beautiful Sicilian style for his clients.

Zobuian Ciprian, customer:As always, we have seven types of cannoli. We also have an ancient recipe, specifically the original recipe from Sicily, we adapt the others according to the tastes of the people of Bucharest.”

That same evening, at the Combinatul Fondului Plastic in the capital, the 9th edition of the Jazz Festival took place, and the band Zmei3 took place for the first time.

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