Burger King and chef Roxana Blenche created Tazz’s best-selling product on launch day

As part of the national plan Local favourites, traditional dishes, Tazz start a campaign Royal Pleasure, Legendary Delivery and started in collaboration with Burger King original product translated by a local chef – Roxana Blanchefinalist Chefi la Cuțite, season 8. In the area of ​​flair and local ingredients, the product of Burger King and the chef Roxana Blenche started in Tazz with great success, being the best food sold in the app n ‘day of its launch, and 1481 burgers sold in one day.

The new product created by chef Roxana Blenche can be offered only through the Tazz app, with delivery or personal delivery from the restaurant, until December 30, 2021, and is available in two types, depending on the type of meat you want – Fain Chicken with chicken, and Burger Donmesc with beef. Both burgers can be served from Tazz and on the menu, with a side of fries and a drink of your choice, from the specialty section. Royal Tastes by Roxana Blenche through the application.

The original recipe invented by chef Roxana Blenche is Chicken flour, a light and delicious chicken burger that combines the flavors of the patrons with delicious, locally sourced ingredients. Placed on a bright bun, next to crispy bacon, caramelized onions, aged cheese, onion rings, fresh vegetables and pickles, under the tricolor of sauces, Fain Chicken offers a unique dining experience.

Royal Burger, The second mix of Royal Tastes, Legendary Deliveries campaign, is unique in the way it combines the textures of juicy beef patty, crispy onion rings and delicious pork and garlic mayonnaise, barbeque and chili cheese sauces. The carefully chosen pickles, together with the fresh notes brought by the fresh vegetables, complete the precise and unexpected taste of the burger created to please any king or queen.

The idea behind it Royal Pleasure, Legendary Delivery it is under consideration Regional interest, Preparation of fiction, launched at the beginning of the month, in which local flavors are brought back using the international cuisine that Romanians love as a pivot. The campaign has something special at the local level, especially since Roxana Blenche is the first Romanian chef to launch Burger King products for the first time in Romania with local ingredients, and the introduction of the Romanian platform.

“This time has a special value for us because we can collaborate for the first time with an international restaurant and a local chef. Roxana had the opportunity to enter the Burger King kitchen and prepare her own recipe, which translated from Burger King and local ingredients to provide a unique product with an unexpected success – the best product in Tazz on the day of release.”, added Catalina ManailEvents & Relations Manager Tazz.

Fain Chicken and Burgerul Domnesc can only be ordered by Tazz from all Burger King restaurants in Bucharest and Brașov, until December 30, 2021. These products are available for delivery or pick up directly from the premises party at a price of 25.9 lei for each. two kinds of burgers, and the price is 35.9 lei for the whole menu.

Tazz offers a new dining experience and more. By ordering food and any product needed for the home, with fast delivery, Tazz is the result of a partnership concluded in the autumn of 2019 with eMAG, which entered the distribution of the company EuCeMananc with the aim of promoting the development of the business . . Tazz is currently the most downloaded Romanian app in the “Food & Drinks” category. Services offered by Tazz are available through Android and iOS apps and online.

Every day, more than 11 million customers visit the hotel BURGER KING® from all over the world and thank you for the high quality service, products and perfect taste and price. Founded in 1954, BURGER KING® is the second largest restaurant chain in the world. For more than 50 years, the original HOME OF WHOPPER® has been committed to using premium ingredients and providing customers with a first-class dining and family experience.

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