Burger King and the new restaurant in Electroputere Mall Craiova

From September 1, Burger King, one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world, will be located in Electroputere Mall Craiova.. What happened to Craiova? Because Burger King understands that it has a lot in common with the Oltenians. This is what this is about.

They light up quickly

The Olten people are famous for their fire and fire. In fact, they are determined people who know what they want and don’t give up until they overcome all obstacles. Here, their hot spirit is the perfect match for the Chili Cheese Burger, a spicy and soft patty that is just right to bring out the character of the real Oltenians.

Perfect and simple

“Fusei”, “mă dusei”, “zisei” and many other words are loud and interesting, because the Oltenians are among the few Romanians who know how to use simple things very well. Perfection is simple and always to the point. That’s how the products from Burger King are, perfect and simple, like good recipes and ingredients.

Be brave and start doing great work

The people of Olteni are determined and work hard to get what they want. They can completely control any situation and do not give up until they achieve their goals. Even Burger King does not stop when you order 100% grilled beef, with small slices of onion and sweet tomatoes – a perfect meal for Oltean who is always busy.

A little pretentious, but true

Oltean is easily recognized not only by his words, but also by his personality. If you listen to the news in Oltean, you immediately get to his sincere words that you do not see in other areas. Just as the Olten people are honest and choose to mention things by name, so Burger King puts the truth on the tray about the products on the menu: only chicken or beef, nothing else. profit or loss, that is, there is no addition or reserve. , as they say to Bucharest. 😊

Passionate and passionate people

Not all Romanians are so hungry, but people from Olten are the most famous for it. When they start something, they do it with passion and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly. No wonder I was the life of the party, even without the help of Zaibair. The people of Olten are warm and Serbian in their garden, Burger King is warm as they serve them their favorite and delicious burger.

As Oltenians like to be the center of attention, Burger King stands out for its simplicity and convenience. On September 1st, the new King Burger will open in Electroputere Mall Craiova, so we are waiting for you to convince yourself if you think Oltean or not. And try the Whopper as a book.

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