Cheese marinated in olive oil: the first recipe and aromatic appetizer

Cheese marinated in olive oil - A recipe for an original and aromatic dish.  Source - Pexels

Cheese marinated in olive oil – A recipe for an original and aromatic dish. Source – Pexels

Cheese cake has become one of the types of food on the dinner table.

Most of us buy processed cheese. We recommend that you leave the tradition and add to the dish, in addition to the cheese slices, small cubes of marinated cheese, which you can do well in your kitchen. Of course, this cheese will not stay on the plate for long.

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Marinated cheese is a perfect product, essential for canapés and great in salads, which it gives a unique taste. In addition, a jar of pickled cheese can be a wonderful gift for picky eaters.


250 grams of feta or telemea cheese,

200 ml olive oil,

1 hot pepper,

3 cloves of garlic,

2 parts of oregano,

2 parts of thyme,

1 part rosemary,

1.5 teaspoons peppercorn mixture.

Preparing the recipe

Cut the cheese into cubes equal to 1-1.5 cm. Heat the olive oil well, without bringing it to a boil, add a little garlic to the mixture of peppercorns.

Put hot pepper and sprigs of oregano, thyme and rosemary in a 0.5 liter jar. Add the cheese cubes and pour good oil, with garlic and pepper, so that the cheese is completely covered.

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Cover the pot with a lid and refrigerate for at least 24 hours. In addition to feta, you can use telemea cheese, small balls of mozzarella or any hard cheese with a neutral taste.

Along with the cheese, you can add green leaves, small dried cranberries or sliced ​​olives, onion rings, a few tomatoes or dried apricots to the pot. the body.

The range of spices for pickles is very wide. Cheese is well complemented by basil, marjoram, sage, mint, paprika, cumin, fennel, coriander, juniper tomatoes, bay leaf, lemon peel.

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To give the marinade new nuances, use balsamic vinegar, lemon or orange juice, soy sauce or honey. The flavoring oil left in the cheese pan is good for vegetable salads.

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For many, it will be a discovery that cinnamon can be combined not only in desserts, but also in meat dishes.

If you want to find something new, try adding a little of this amazing spice to minced meat for meatballs.

The important thing is not to overdo it, because otherwise, the cinnamon will cover the flavor of the meat.

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Tip: It is best to avoid packaged cinnamon. It is better to choose a cinnamon stick and grind it with coffee grounds.

A delicious dish, in which you will put a pinch of cinnamon, will fill those at the table with a bright and pleasant aroma.

By the way, cinnamon can also be used in soups, but in this case, you don’t need to soak it. Remember to remove the cinnamon stick at the end of the meal.

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