Chefs with Knives, September 13, 2022. Andrei Mihalcea wowed chefs with his three Michelin star dishes.

Andrei Mihalcea is 32 years old from Brașov and although he is not a chef, the man is very interested in both food and, in particular, the whole gastronomic culture.

Andrei, a tour operator by profession, came to Chefi la cucite and cooked a world-famous dish to the chef, Alain Passard, owner of three Michelin restaurants in Paris.

How did the three leaders react when they saw what Andrei Mihalcea cooked in the sixth edition of season 10 Chefs with Knives, from September 13, 2022

The 32-year-old surprised the three chefs with his dish and they couldn’t believe it when they saw the famous L’Arpege egg with honey on the plate.

Even after picking up the bell, the chefs weren’t sure what was on the plate, and their first thought was that they were getting dessert. Also, when they tasted Andrei Mihalcea’s food, all three were speechless.

“He’s a starter,” Sorin Bontea said angrily. Chef Dumitrescu added, “It’s a delicious bouche.

Cătălin Scarlătescu added, “Well, finish the witchcraft because there is the most dirt here.”

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When the contestant entered the set, the three leaders announced that he liked the Eggs L’Arpege that he had prepared, but he was also a little angry. Also, Florin Dumitrescu drew his attention to the fact that he had changed the original recipe and made him answer for this.

“What makes you think that you can improve the recipe of a three Michelin chef?” he asked.

My reasoning was simple: I sat back and watched all the other chefs in this section do their cooking in one way or another. And then what I did was to get a little inspiration from there, from there”, Andrei Mihalcea explained his choice.

However, even if he did not agree with chef Dumitrescu, the contestant managed to get two knives from chef Bontea and chef Scarlătescu.

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Everything you need to know

At the same time, since it is about the time that celebrates ten years of success of the three leaders, there will be no shortage of special guests – the visit of Martin Jordan, Gordon Ramsay of the double two, is only one of the expected times. this time. about season 10 Chefs and Knives

Season 10 of Chefs with Knives brings a new format and unique series to the small screen viewers. It was the first time that the show had two presenters, Irina Fodor and Gina Pistol.

Irina Fodor presents the first edition of the show, and Gina returns to other editions, following the contestants and jurors in the finale. Among the innovations that make the competition even more interesting is the changed appearance in all areas of the show, as well as the games behind the scenes, which now become a real competition with an important dimension for the jurors. .

Watch season 10 of the best chefs on Antena 1 or AntenaPlay.

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