Children’s dessert, step-by-step recipe from grandmother Gherghina, Tik-Tok VIDEO sensation

Gherghina’s grandmother conquered social networks with soft words and delicious recipes. Collarez has been a dessert of many generations and some of us are lucky if we had the opportunity to grow up with it. When I was a child, my mother or grandmother prepared it for us whenever we had a sweet tooth. At this time, Gherghina’s grandmother reminds us of it and makes us get the recipe. Of course, you also want to taste the sweets of your childhood, which you can prepare yourself. Follow all steps to ensure you fail.

Gherghina’s grandmother’s biscuit recipe won TikTok. How easy it is to prepare a VIDEO


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Gherghina’s grandmother posted a recipe almost every day. Most of them are traditional recipes, which many of us have forgotten. Whether we are talking about fruit pies, Lenten cakes, donuts or other foods, we cannot deny that they make your mouth water. At this time, Gherghina’s grandmother came to visit Internet users with a collarez recipe. This is how easy it is to prepare.

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The best collarez recipe, from Gherghina’s grandmother

To prepare a delicious meal, you will only need the following items:

1 liter of milk
8 tablespoons of flour
half a teaspoon of salt
5 spoons of sugar

Preparation process:

Half a liter of milk is placed in a large bowl, on top of which 8 spoons of flour and salt are added. Mix everything together.

We put another half liter of milk in a pot, which we put on the stove. When it starts to heat up, pour in milk and flour and stir constantly. Add the five spoons of sugar and leave it on the fire until it is full, and until it stirs.

Important advice from my grandmother about sugar. Specifically, don’t put it in boiling milk, so it will stick to the pot. It is done well, after it is left to cool.

Mama Gherghina’s easy and delicious recipe from TikTok. You only need 4 things

If you want to surprise your loved ones with a delicious dessert, but it’s also quick, then you should take into account the advice of grandmother Gherghina on TikTok, where she has an impact and thousands of users follow it.

The old woman shared her recipe for burnt sugar cream that she made in minutes with only four ingredients you actually have at home. Here’s how to do it!


  • sugar
    8 eggs
    1 liter of milk
    vanilla scent

The recipe for Gherghina’s grandmother’s food was on fire on TikTok

First, we will put eight eggs in a bowl, which we will then pour 8 tablespoons of sugar. We will add the vanilla essence immediately, and after that, we will start beating the eggs with sugar and vanilla essence until a composition is created. After mixing the egg with sugar and the most important thing, add cold milk.

In a large bowl, we will put 8 spoons of sugar that we will caramelize at a low temperature, then we will put all of the burning sugar at the bottom of the bowl and let it cool to be strong.

When we realize that the caramelized sugar has cooled and does not fall into the pot, then we will put the composition of milk, eggs and sugar on top of the caramel and put the pan in the oven, at 180 degrees, until the sugar burns Cream. start baking It is served warm, but cold is also very good.

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