Cluj Day | UNTLD and the burger brand with a black bun, plus festive memories à la Cluj

UNTLD, the biggest electronic and pop music event in Romania, whose host is the city of Cluj-Napoca, was born with Tazz, and the UNTLD Magic Burger logo.

The Festival-phenomenon UNTLD was born, together with the food-delivery company Tazz, to create the brand UNTLD Magic Burger, a project from the burgers that became known during the festival in Cluj and now also reaches customers in the capital city , shows.

Through the Tazz Republic platform, the burgers reach customers from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Braşov, Iasi, Sibiu or Oradea. “It’s a burger with black, beef, with sweet notes, from the taste of onions and ripe apples, but also with sour notes, from pickled cucumbers”, explained one UNTLD Magic Burger.

“Those who have been to UNTLD at least once know that it is the kind of festival that gives you an unforgettable experience, with good music, events and even food, so we want to be able to offer People will remember UNTLD and use it all year round.

This is how the idea of ​​the UNTLD Magic Burger brand came about, which represented the first initiative in the Romanian market through a collaboration between a great festival and food delivery brand – Tazz.

Because we got good feedback from customers, this year, we continued to work together with our partner, so the UNTLD Magic Burger menu is expanded with recipes four different, with new side dishes and sauces”, said UNTLD Magic Burger representatives.

UNTLD Magic Burger is a restaurant designed exclusively for delivery, so the burgers are prepared in a virtual kitchen. The brand representatives are looking for operators (restaurants) who can support the number of recipes and who have a kitchen that can make recipes and menus.

The members of UNTLD Magic Burger believe that the fact that the product has a good reputation, being at the festival in Cluj, is very important in the development and promotion of the brand.

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