Complete data hackers sell on the dark web is cheaper than hamburgers


Data stolen by hackers is sold on the dark web cheaper than a burger, and because the technology required for such an attack costs $5, most hackers no longer need programming knowledge. In fact, only 2-3% of today’s cybercriminals are advanced programmers, according to a report from HP Inc.

“Unfortunately, it has not been easy to be a cyber criminal. In the beginning, complex attacks required skills, knowledge and hard resources. Now, technology and skills are available from as little as $5, “Alex Holland, Senior Malware Analyst at HP Inc and author of the report said.

Malware is also cheap and easy to find, so 76% of malware ads are listed and 91% of code that gives attackers control of the system using software bugs that sell for less than $10.

Vendors sell packaged products and plug-and-play malware, malware-like services, training and guidance services, reducing the level of training and experience for those who want to launch complex and targeted attacks.

The report shows that, surprisingly, there is a kind of “honor” among criminals, as cybercriminals use dispute resolution services, $3,000 bonds for suppliers and escrow payments to ensure that good business.

The development of the report included a three-month investigation into the Dark Web, in which more than 35 million transactions and messages posted on cybercriminal forums were analyzed to understand how they operate, gain the trust of victims and build their reputation.

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