Cooks and knives, September 19, 2022. Roxana Crudu (Oxi) cooks a burger with cannabis seeds. What a movie that girl made

With some inspiration, Roxana Crudu, also known as Oxi, took courage and decided to prepare the first burger recipe with cannabis seeds, a dish she invented herself. When he got in front of the three jurors, the contestant left everyone surprised with a revelation about his life.

Roxana Crudu (Oxi) scolded the chefs during Knives 10 jur for the revelations she made about her life.

While preparing a unique cannabis seed and hemp oil burger recipe, Oxi opened up and shared more about himself and his background.

“It’s a recipe I invented in the restaurant where I work. It doesn’t have THC, it doesn’t cause anything. It’s organic, strong preparation. How did I go to Germany? I want to leave my friends , because I took it the wrong way: going to a restaurant in Mamaia, on the terrace, computer music, festivals, some of the things I eat. I mean, I smoke, I don’t I used everything else. When I was 17, I started this way, but it took me a few years before I realized that I was not good at what I was doing. That’s how I lived in Brașov. There I met a good friend of mine, who asked me if I wanted to go with him to Germany, to work. I was working in a jewelry store, but I was working in and decided to do something else. That’s how I started working in a burger shop, that’s how I learned what it means to work in a workplace, what it means to make a burger, what it means to enjoy a burger. That’s where I got an idea for today’s meal,” said the contestant, while preparing his 420 burger recipe, with cannabis seeds and hemp oil.

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Then the door opened and Oxi made his appearance on the set of Chefi la cucite, season 10. This is the time when the contestant expresses his feelings about himself and the past that was used in the movie hard to imagine.

“I didn’t have a childhood when I was young. I was adopted when I was 2 years old. When I was 2 years old, my biological parents left me at the train station in Constanța. The police found me in body, I was taken to the hospital, the nurses took care of me, and finally my parents, whom I want to call my parents. My mother gave a lot of her soul for me. Also, I have problems in the world: abuse, the fact that I was adopted. I was treated differently because I was adopted. I don’t know where this comes from, to tell the child not to walk with one child, but with someone else. I can see that they are treating me differently but I don’t understand why. I didn’t know I was adopted, the neighbors tell me every time. I don’t understand… Then I went to school, I found out there that I was adopted, I went the wrong way: parties, clubs, smoking, all the things that kids my age did. I tried to get in the right way in some ways. I say that it is useful for me. I came to Germany 8 years ago (…). We arrived at the restaurant n The restaurant has 2 Michelin stars. I left for another situation, so that I can start, moving forward”, revealed the contestant, surprising the chefs.

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Another surprising revelation made by the girl is related to her tattoos. Desire to cut and injure oneself, due to past scenes and situations: “I hurt myself, I feel like I no longer live in this world.”

However, to turn the negative into something positive, he explains that he got a killing machine and then covered his body with all kinds of useful things.

Although they were impressed by his biography, Burger’s decision did not sway him. In the end, the cloches rose and Oxi (Roxana Crudu) found that she got three knives and the opportunity to continue, in another level from Chefi to knife, 10 times.

“I got goosebumps!” the competitor, full of emotions, said when he saw the decision.

Everything you need to know about Chefs in 10 good times

Season 10 of Chefs with Knives brings a new format and unique series to the small screen viewers. It was the first time that the show had two presenters, Irina Fodor and Gina Pistol.

Irina Fodor presents the first edition of the show, and Gina returns to other editions, following the contestants and jurors in the finale. Among the innovations that make the competition even more interesting is the changed appearance in all areas of the show, as well as the games behind the scenes, which now become a real competition with an important dimension for the jurors. .

At the same time, since it is about the time that celebrates ten years of success of the three leaders, there will be no shortage of special guests – the visit of Martin Jordan, Gordon Ramsay of the double two, is only one of the expected times. this time.

Watch season 10 of the best chefs on Antena 1 or AntenaPlay.

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