Epic Beef and Chicken Legend premium burgers

McDonald’s is continuing its partnership with Chef Foa and has launched two new range of burgers, Epic Beef and Chicken Legend.

Keeping the established system, which brings the original recipe to the McDonald’s menu, the new burgers offer two special combinations with beef and chicken, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

The third Chef Foa x McDonald’s collaboration continues with this challenge that began in the summer of 2021, when consumers were invited to discover his first burger created especially for McDonald’s. The success of the campaign is repeated in the autumn, when two types of beef and chicken burgers are introduced to the menu. Spring brings the new Chef Foa brand premium duo to McDonald’s restaurants across the country with the launch of Epic Beef and Chicken Legend.

“The premium burger sector has seen great development and expectations have risen accordingly. That’s why we started to continue to expand the product range and meet our customers with a variety that offers the same high quality food and experience. In addition, the experience of previous campaigns made by Chef Foa allowed us to create recipes that respond to the preferences of consumers who expressed their appetite for a variety of options of interest. ” said Paul Dragan, General Manager of Premier Hotel Romania.

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Stars Epic beef includes a delicious piece of beef sitting on a bed of arugula and romaine lettuce, with two delicious garlic and roasted tomato sauce, 2 slices of crispy bacon, Cheddar cheese and two slices of tomato, put them all carefully in a hot bun, sprinkle it. with milk. For those who love the taste of chicken, Chicken story amazing and tender chicken wrapped in corn, on a bed of romaine lettuce and a fresh mix of red onions, red peppers and cucumbers, roasted tomato sauce and homemade dressing, and two slices of cream cheese and two slices. tomatoes, in a bowl sprinkle with milk.

“Partnership with McDonald’s it’s an opportunity for me to do what I love, create, have fun and be able to do something right with those things, reaching as many people as possible. And the justice begins and is established slowly, starting with the things in the area, to show the taste of time as much as possible. That’s why the burger in this new edition will be a culinary journey that will remind you of the best summer vacations with friends.”Chef Foa added.

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The burgers Epic beef and Chicken story Orders can be placed at 92 McDonald’s restaurants across the country, including at McDrive and through McDelivery, between April 8 and June 9, 2022, subject to availability.

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