Fish, cooked in the worst way, on the Romanian coast: On pizza or even as a dessert

Culinary king, by the sea! Many chefs, including some with Michelin stars, are passionate about fishing and cooking, competing in the preparation of dishes – both tasty and spectacular as possible.

And the star of the dish is fish – fried, cooked at low temperature, on pizza or even as … dessert!

It’s fish … as far as the eye can see at the Black Sea Fish Festival. Many chefs compete in front of the hot oven and hot plate with recipes that are more unique than each other. Everyone wants to impress and show off their talent.

cooking: “Everything takes about four hours. Let’s do it a little bit (sprinkling it with water – ed) because it’s drying. Here we’re using small pellets that are flavored with whiskey .”

The recipe is specific to gourmet kitchens in the United States. “It’s slow-cooked mullet, but generally not slow-cooked here, along with some vegetables, a little lemon juice and white wine.” said the chef.

Others have tried to value the fish in new ways. And taste!

Ioan Raileanu: “I chose a dessert, using a sweet trout that I chose to marinate with brown sugar and mango that I put on the side of a pavlova, a meringue.”

There’s also pizza, but this turns out again.

Iulian Dumitrescu: “I put in it organic green spirulina, cream of vegetables and very thin fish. Marinated loofah. I highly recommend it. The other one. Look we have a pink pizza, why is it pink? The The pink side is in the beets.”

Fresh fish, made on the stove, is also a success.

Enrico Derflingher, Italian chef awarded 3 Michelin stars:
“I tasted a polenta back that we cook at home in Lake Como. It’s funny that almost a thousand km away the food is almost the same. (How delicious? – ed.) Fantastic.”

DragoČ™ Zaman, director: We have a new lufar, which has at least four hours since its capture, the secret to not stick to the pan, the stove, anything, salt.”

The menu also includes fish borscht, which is cooked according to the Moldovan recipe.

Mirela Nechita, CEO: “I use carp, crucian carp and catfish, all Moldovan food is good, because the soul is the first thing that makes the fish mixed.”

The gluttons also tasted everything he set his sights on.

The festival, now in its seventh edition, was attended by chefs, Horeca sector experts, fishermen and small chefs.

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