Food helps Mirela Vaida stay healthy at the age of 40. Special recipes of Moldovan delicacies VIDEO

Mirela Vaida takes good care of her image and has the perfect direction for her dream look. A TV presenter combines food and sports to make it look good on TV.

The presenter of Antena 1 has an impressive figure. Mirela gave birth to three children, but managed to have a flawless body. Recently, the TV star revealed what she eats and how she managed to look like a child. What is the secret to the diet?

Mirela Vaida lost 3 kilograms in a week: “I cheated and still lost weight”

Mirela Vaida, 40 years old, manages to be a model mother, in every aspect. The star can express herself as a perfect woman both professionally and personally. Throughout his career, the presenter of Acces Direct has managed to maintain his attractive appearance.

Mirela Vaida revealed the secret of her figure at the age of 40 and how she manages to look good. He plays sports and his diet is carefully monitored so that it does not affect his weight and health.

Mirela Vaida has a busy schedule. She wakes up, makes breakfast, takes the kids to preschool, then retires to the gym to stay fit.

“Ready! I came to the gym! The program is like this: at 7.30 I leave the house with the children. I am prepared for training, they are prepared for school. I leave them at the door of the school and I leave for Bucharest, 30 km, going to aerobics, cycling, minutes, body-pump, etc. classes.

Mirela Vaida and her husband made the decision after 13 years of marriage: “I said goodbye, it can’t be done anymore!”

I sit for 1-2 hours, sweat, run, pedal, then run back 30km to pick up the kids from school/kindergarten and go to their activities: piano, football, swimming, tennis, etc.! This happens 3-4 times a week!

No, it’s not strong! Movement gives me great pleasure, gives me energy for the whole day, makes me alive, even if, after a lot of effort, there is not a single gram on the scale!’, Mirela Vaida wrote in social network, according to. viva .ro.

What does she do in the morning and how does she manage 3 kids
Mirela Vaida revealed that during the day she spends a lot of time in the car. The star has three children, each of which has its own process, and this takes a lot of time, but it faces all the problems.

“3 kids have 3 different schedules! That means I spend most of my time waiting in the car: taking them to daycare and school, and don’t think they have the same schedule. !One ends at 10.50, the other at 11.50!

Mirela Vaida lost two pregnancies: “I’m 32 years old and I don’t have a child.” Stars now need twins!

After all this, I have to work, busy traffic, traffic lights, possible accidents on the road, keeping you in the car!!? However, it’s a good thing I don’t sit outside in the winter, it could be worse! In the morning it was -9 degrees! What a cool car!’, the star told her fans.

Moldavian pies, Mirela Vaida’s recipe. What is Mirela Vaida’s secret?

Mirela Vaida recently revealed on her YouTube channel one of the most delicious Moldovan recipes: placínte poale-n brau. Although they seem complicated, these pies are easy to prepare if you have the right ingredients and the secret to making them warm and hot.

Mirela Vaida’s recipe for Moldovan lap-n-waist pies

Dough Ingredients:

  • 1 kg of flour
    a lot of salt
    a little sugar
    yeast (which we dissolve in warm water)
    two egg yolks
    a little warm milk
    Bread filling:
    cheese heart approx. 1 kg
    cut two lemons
    two whole eggs
    vanilla sugar
    rum smell
    vanilla scent
    Lemon is the most important thing
    a few spoons of semolina (if the composition is soft)

Preparation process:

The secret to delicious and delicious pies is really butter. This should be as fat as possible if possible from a safe, natural place. And the yeast used is very important. It will be fresh from the fridge and very good.

“I usually put a cube of yeast in a pound of flour or a little bit of yeast dissolved in warm water. Butter is mixed with yeast and flour, then milk is added. I add two egg yolks and mix the ingredients. I knead the dough by hand. When the dough is ready, I let it rise a little for half an hour, while I prepare the filling for the pies. Butter should be high in fat.

Miracle diet Mirela Vaida looks flawless at the age of 39. She can eat whatever she wants without gaining weight!

We take a little flour each and make a sheet for the bread, put cheese in the middle and wrap them. In the end, I leave them on the tray to grow for another 10 minutes. At the end, I use a layer of cloth on top and put them in a hot oven up to 180 degrees,” said Mirela Vaida on her YouTube channel.

Mirela Vaida has proven time and time again that she is a good wife. He also introduced fans to the never-failing Moldavian Cozonac recipe, as well as a smoked bean soup recipe:

Mirela Vaida revealed the secret of the best smoked bean soup: “I cook in a pot, Romanian”

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