Haven’t you heard about Craft Restaurant from Reșita yet? Burgers, steak, beer and good music!

In Reșita, a new restaurant opened its doors yesterday, which welcomes young people with “love”, who want a place in their city where they can serve a good burger or who want a meeting between friends for a good beer. or prosecco.

Now of course, leaving the fools to introduce aside, we have a chic hotel right in the heart of the exhibition, which, in my humble opinion, will represent a real competition for all other gastronomic attractions in the region. The result of the shared ambitions and vision of the three young workers from Reșița, Sabin, Cosmin and George, Craft Reșița has a new, youthful atmosphere, a fact I felt from the first time I “dismounted” a restaurant.


People here have a positive attitude, they are ready for everything, determined to serve the customer and keep in mind that they did not open a “restaurant” because they were tired at home. Sabin is really and perhaps the man of everything, who I met before in articles such as Napoli restaurant (Henn area) or Doner Kebab in Govândari, George is famous for His creation “from the valley” from the exit from. city, known as “Memento”, and Cosmin is the creator of fantasies for taste buds, the winner of the competition in post-December Germany, where 7 years he prepares burgers for all tastes and shapes with remarkable success .

So, Craft is the place to go when you are hungry, hungry or want to taste a delicious dessert. At Craft, you can choose between cream soups, beef burgers, chicken burgers, steaks, which are prepared in front of customers with delicious aromas from the open kitchen.

Two women from Ukraine, joined together in the group Craft Reșita!

For the accuracy of this story, I will also find out the human side of the partners of this business presented, the staff of the Craft Hotel. In this regard, two women, mother and daughter Nela aged 43 and Kasia aged 17 from Ukraine joined together in the Craft group. Nela and Kasia are from Odesa, and if we have to say it, they will run away from their country, their own house, because of the conflict that is happening in this country and that these people have no reason for. him. mistake. I didn’t photograph them because we didn’t want to make these women “rush” for sensational media, but the gestures of the people who hired these women make me take my hat off to them.

Art opens in America!

Every month, Craft aims to welcome customers with gastronomy specific to a certain country. This first month, Craft is talking to American Steakhouse & Burger lovers. Let’s say that with a phone number 0770 450 164You can order all the good things of these skilled cooks at your home, in the office or if you want to order on the Craft terrace, that is if you like to have a view of between Resisi, the artesian spring of the Master. Lucaci take care of yourself, don’t call, the supervisor comes right to you!

The meat is matured for 30 days, the perfect recipe for the best burger!

The meat prepared by Chef Cosmin and Sabin grows for 30 days, kept in special conditions, fresh buns, and fruit, sauces for all kinds of burgers and steaks. I also like Craft brand fries, although, I admit, lately I’ve been avoiding that type of food, carbs. Still, how can a beer go with a burger like this, folks…

The truth is that you don’t have to prove that I am right, I did not write this text to provoke any false reaction, but I revealed from what I experienced, served, and tasted at the scene of the crime. Only those who will dare to cross the doors of the Craft in the future will prove that I am right, related to what I wrote here. Otherwise, I can only thank these wonderful guys for making their story a reality. Indeed, their hard work, dedication and courage made everything possible. I hope and wish that the example of George, Cosmin and Sabin will be raised and multiplied by other young people in the country born, growing and thinking at this time, where n ‘in the desert, in the city or a. Countries abroad, and at home can mean a better opportunity for them, who left here disappointed at some point.

Personally, I declare that I am a supporter of the Craft restaurant from now on, (I) promise to return, I care about everything I wrote and entered … Sergiu TABAN

The other is very angry…

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