Hello Chef Season 3 Episode 15 Yogurt Pie Recipe à la Chef Roxana Blenche

Chef Roxana Blenche is the owner of another kitchen in the new program Hello Chef. In the edition of season 3, from June 5, 2022, he has as guests the girls from the Observatory, Olivia and Rose.

The three are forbidden to talk to each other, they cook together and separately, each as they know.

They then took care to answer the fire questions and also refrain from talking, according to the famous rules of the show.

Chef Roxana Blenche was not allowed to speak schnitzelthat Rose was not allowed to speak salt and Olivia,potato

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Episode 15, season three, of the show “Hello Chef”. The girls are cooking for the concert

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Along with Roxana Blenche and her special guests from each edition, Carmen Brumă, the chef of the show Hello Chef, is, as usual, the one who helped behind the whole cooking process .

Also, it made both the visitors and the audience get useful and accurate information about the value of the materials used.

The three girls have a good time in the kitchen, but they also dance.

Rose was learning and teaching dance, so between the garlic cloves and the roasted potatoes, the girls resumed a few dance steps.

They prepared, in addition to yogurt bread and chicken schnitzel and fried potatoes, according to the recipe of Chef Blenche.

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Recipe for Yogurt Pie à la Chef Roxana Blenche. Notes on the preparation process:

Essential Ingredients for Yogurt Bread:

– 2 pieces of bread

– 500 g yogurt

– rum

– 2 eggs

– sugar 100 g

– 1 bag of vanilla

– grapes 20 g

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Hello Chef, every Sunday, from 14:00, on Antena 1

Every Sunday, from 2:00 p.m., Antena 1 brings to those who are passionate about cooking in the kitchen a new food show for their taste: Hello Chef. The host of this show is none other than Roxana Blenche, whom the public had the opportunity to meet and support at Chefi la Cuțite.

What happens when a chef, a celebrity and a food expert meet, viewers can find out by watching Hello Chef, every Sunday, from 14:00, on Antena 1.

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