McDonald’s introduced a new preparation method for the Mec burgers presentation

McDonald’s introduced a new preparation method for the Mec burgers presentation

Burgers with beef and fish from the McDonald’s menu – Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, Big MacTM, Quarter Pounder and Filet-o-Fish – are now available at all Mec restaurants in the country as per the order according to the new, for even. good taste .

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McDonald’s in Romania introduces the process of preparing burgers and sets a good standard in the fast food restaurant market in the country by introducing a new method for preparing burgers with beef and fish from the Mec menu. Introduced in all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, this new system brings a variety of changes in the food and preparation process, but also in terms of ingredients, making the taste of Mec beautiful and warm , the company announced.

Therefore, the main burgers from the McDonald’s menu – Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger Double, Big MacTM, Quarter Pounder or Fillet-o-Fish become even juicier and tastier.

“McDonald’s promise to provide only the most delicious, the best products motivates us to work at the highest standards, being particularly demanding about the ingredients we use and the way we prepare products. That’s it that’s why we continue to improve our experience and offer those who prefer the taste of Mec every time they have the opportunity,” said Paul Dragan, General Manager of Premier Restaurant Romania.

“The novelties we introduced in the burger system represent our commitment to a classic Mec experience and superlative, for the extra flavor that fans will appreciate” the employee added.

According to the company, the new process begins in the kitchen of the McDonald’s restaurant, where the meat is cooked according to a new and improved system that helps to provide heat to those who gambling. In addition, the meat is made more delicious by adding spices from the stage, on the grill, for a more aromatic flavor, and slices of cheese with different tempers, the result and it comes out quickly.

The flavor is also provided by the fresh buns used in the recipe of the signature burgers with beef or fish, McDonald’s opts for more crispy buns and for a preparation method that makes the brown Sand. At the same time, the new preparation method also brings a great sauce for the Big Mac, small details that make the difference in the taste and experience of Mec.

The new method of preparing classic burgers from the McDonald’s menu in Romania is in line with McDonald’s international strategy. Double Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Big MacTM, Quarter Pounder and Filet-o-Fish burgers, produced according to new preparation standards, are available at all 92 McDonald’s restaurants in the country, including at McDrive and through McDelivery .

McDonald’s restaurants in Romania are operated by Premier Restaurants Romania. McDonald’s, the restaurant market leader, has 92 restaurants in 28 cities, of which 46 McDrive restaurants and 47 McCafé cafes. To date, the company has invested more than 800 million lei in Romania and has one 5,000 employees provide customers with their favorite products, prepared from quality ingredients.

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