Menu for divided meals. Plan for 9 days: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks

DAY 1 – Meat

Breakfast: grilled chicken breast with salt and spices

Lunch: simple coffee

Lunch: grilled mackerel, salt and pepper

Lunch: a glass of natural orange juice

Dinner: steamed turkey

DAY 2 – Meat

Breakfast: hard chicken or turkey ham

Lunch: simple coffee

Lunch: fish on the grill, spicy

Lunch: unsweetened tea

Lunch: boiled beef

DAY 3 – Meat

Breakfast: steamed chicken legs

Lunch: simple coffee

Lunch: fish and vegetables

Lunch: a glass of natural apple juice

Dinner: seafood, or roast beef

DAY 4 – DAY (this is shooting)

Breakfast: sweet cheese, sweet milk

Lunch: condensed milk

Lunch: yogurt, telemea

Lunch: kefir

Dinner: telemea, pressed milk

DAY 5 – DAY (this is shooting)

Breakfast: sweet cheese, milk

Lunch: simple coffee

Lunch: telemea, kefir

Lunch: condensed milk

Dinner: yogurt, telemea

DAY 6 – DAY (this is shooting)

Breakfast: milk, sweet cheese

Lunch: telemea

Lunch: sweet cheese, yogurt

Lunch: unsweetened tea

Lunch: kefir, telemea

DAY 7 – BOOKS AND EDUCATION (what you see, depending on the time)

Breakfast: eggplant salad, tomato salad, onions, peppers, radishes, cucumber

Lunch: peaches, strawberries, tangerines, grapefruit

Lunch: beans and mushrooms, green salad

Foods: pomelo, nectarine, watermelon, apple

Dinner: Cauliflower with carrots and celery, brought

DAY 8 – BOOKS AND EDUCATION (what you see, depending on the time)

Breakfast: grilled mushrooms, cabbage salad

Snacks: cantaloupe, peaches, kiwi, and coffee

Lunch: boiled broccoli, carrot and celery, tomato, pepper, onion and lemon salad

Food: apples, tangerines, cherries, blackberries

Dinner: Cauliflower salad cooked with onions

DAY 9 – BOOKS AND LEARNING (what you see, depending on the time)

Breakfast: green salad with sliced ​​or grated carrot, pepper, onion, cucumber and tomato

Foods: apples, cantaloupe, oranges, peaches

Lunch: Eggplant topped with cauliflower and broccoli

Food: pomelo, kiwi, tangerine, sour cream, strawberry

Dinner: radish salad, with celery and mushrooms


BONUS: Cori Grămescu, weight loss plan for overweight people

“In the treatment of obesity, I prioritize reducing the waist circumference and increasing the level of physical activity to eliminate one of the causes of obesity – insulin resistance. Obesity is a condition a complex that causes changes in human behavior, changes the hormonal balance and destroys the metabolism. Therefore, clients suffering from obesity must be supported to rebuild, first, the control system of their own emotions can begin to begin to fight every day in an effective way, and for this, the relationship with the coach is an important vehicle.

Then, daily exercise and proper nutrition is to balance the hormonal system and, over time, the entire functioning of the metabolism, as long as these changes are always followed. The ultimate goal of a weight management program for obesity treatment is to equip clients with a consistent impulse control system, a body of knowledge about healthy eating, and new psychological support behaviors that they can navigate for years. do in their daily life.

When we talk about obesity intervention, programmatic means to introduce regular, gentle changes in daily choices and to strengthen confidence in the ability of a person to navigate these long-term choices, “explained Cori Grămescu on Facebook.

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