New edition of Festival of Pies, in Poiana Răchitelii and Forest Land

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Residents of many Hunedoren villages still preserve the old traditions they inherited from their ancestors, which are respected by the villagers. One of the regions that preserves unchanged traditions is also the Land of Forests, located along the Mureș valley, the Hațegului valley and the Poiana Ruscă mountain, which includes less than 40 towns and villages surrounded by forests around, is where the beautiful harbors are. , legends and movements that preserve the common people from other times, which are common in this region.

The town of Poiana Răchițelii, which belongs to the congregation of Cerbăl in Hunedoara, organizes on August 14 and 15 the third edition of the Festival of Pădurenești Pies, precisely where, prepared only in the area of ​​products, by residents from all over the country. and more are expected to participate. Housewives will compete in making pies according to recipes known only to them, preserved from generation to generation, fried on the “stove” and filled with different types of cheese and cream, there will be no the scarcity of white forest “zama”, hunting. stew, wild wine and other good things from local food stalls, and the party will be completed with music and games specific to the region.

The festival starts on Sunday, at 15:00, with an event for children in the park in the Rotunda Forest, an exhibition of folk costumes and art workshops, continuing with a fairy tale event and the game, and the next day, after. Holy Liturgy in the village church, traveling the country with a cross, the ancient tradition of honoring the sanctity of the people every year, the contest of wood carving and firezuʹ, the display of forest clothes of forest rope and -followed by a fictional show. Attendees will enjoy recitals by popular local singers and guest performers, and local girls will have the opportunity to participate in the “miss forester” contest.

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