NEWS – New fast food in Baia Mare Value Center mall: first presentation in commercial market in Maramureș

RETAIL – MARAMURE . In the Baia Mare Value Center, a narrow mall opened on December 6, 2018 and is owned by the South African investment fund MAS REI (which controls the operation of the business center in Baia Mare through PK Black SRL, which owned by MAS CEE Management Holding SRL). ), the opening of a new fast food, Prime Burger, is being prepared in the commercial market in Maramureș.

Prime Burger is a 100% Romanian businessin control Daniel Jacob and Anca Claudia Zaletchi from Suceava (partners and equity percentage), which in just one year has succeeded in developing in the northern region of the country by creating several franchise companies, a fact that has aroused the interest and attention of sales analysts – and fast food from the Baia Mare Value Center. is a franchise as a local entrepreneur.

It is clear that this new fast food will be in the restaurant area, between KFC and Dabo Donner. The business philosophy of the entrepreneur Iacob, who returned to the country after many years of experience abroad, is based, consists of well-known / successful products, recipes easily translated gastronomically, but made from premium (quality) ingredients and a simple design. , and beautiful, which has proven successful in attracting customers.

The lease agreement for the space of the new fast food in the Baia Mare Value Center has already been signed and work on the design of the space, The opening is expected on September 9, 2022 (or around this date).

* Photo: @Prime Burger

Cătălin VISCHI

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