Pancakes with cheese and green onions

Cheesecake with green vegetables – How to prepare

It starts with the preparation of the dough, which requires time to knead and another time to rest in the cold. In the meantime, you can also prepare cheese and green onions.

How to make delicious bread

Put 500 grams of flour in a large bowl, but not before kneading the dough. Make a well in the center of the flour and add the yeast and sugar there. Heat the water and pour a little yeast, mix it with sugar. After the mixture, wait 7-8 minutes for the yeast to work. It will increase in volume and create small bubbles on top.

Melt 50 grams of butter in the remaining water. Add salt and mix well until dissolved. Pour the mixture into a bowl with flour and yeast. Mix everything well until you get a dough. Knead a little dough for salt on a work table sprinkled with flour. If you are interested in how to prepare the dough for different dishes, we also offer you a recipe for pizza dough, from the kitchen of Jamie Oliver.

Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a thin, rectangular sheet. Grease a sheet of dough with 100 grams of soft butter. Then pack it three times. Gently roll the rolling pin over the dough packet and roll it in thirds again. Use a rolling pin to go around again to flatten the dough. Wrap it up one last time. Cover the dough with foil and refrigerate for one hour.

How to make filling for pies

Grind or grate salty cheese and mix it in a bowl with fresh cheese. Wash the green onion and finely chop it. Wash the green leaves and chop them finely. Place them on top of the cheese mixture and homogenize the ingredients well. Cover the dish with foil and refrigerate until you prepare the pies. You can also add spices, if you like, like cumin, paprika, basil, etc.

How to grow and make cheese and green onion pan pies

Remove the dough from the cold and divide it into 5-6 pieces. Transfer each piece of dough to a parchment paper. Add 2 tablespoons of the scallion-dill cheese mixture to the mixture and fold the edge of the dough over it. Use your hands or a rolling pin to flatten and form a cake-like pan.

Lightly grease the pan with butter or oil and heat it over medium heat.

Add the bread and fry it well on both sides. Do the same with the other pies. Dry them thoroughly by turning them several times from one side to the other.

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Photo collage and steps of making pan pies
The pies are cooked well by turning them several times from one side to the other /

They are delicious both hot and cold, served with a glass of yogurt or cold beer.

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