“Piggy” cakes are all the rage. The arrangement is kept sacred in the mountains of Moldova. What do you want?

Piglet cake is a recipe that you will love, because in addition to being very good, it does not require a long and difficult list.

Ingredients of “Piggy” cake.

So, for this recipe, we need the following ingredients materials used:

4 tablespoons of jam
1 square of white chocolate
500 g flour
yolk sac
two eggs
100 g of sugar
60 g of butter
165 ml of milk
1 packet of dry yeast
1 pinch of salt

How to prepare this dessert

In the bowl we will put the flour, to which we add warm milk, butter that we melt before time, sugar, eggs, salt, egg yolks and yeast. We will mix all this until we get a dough, which we leave to rise for an hour.

After this time, we spread the dough and, with the help of a glass, we will form a circle from it. In the center of each creation, we add a spoonful of jam, which we cover on the other side.

Place the cakes on a tray and wash them with a towel. Before putting them in the oven, we can give them the shape of a little pig. Then leave the cakes for 30 minutes, in the preheated oven.

We can create the look of “pig” from pieces of chocolate, so, in addition to the unique taste, we will have an attractive food.

The recipe for the waist belt was kept sacred in Bucovina, from the time of Petru Rareș

The famous legs in the waist from Bucovina are the fault of the wives from the north of Moldova. An entrepreneur from the region of Suceava, who is dedicated to the development of rural tourism and tourism in the beautiful Vale a Şomuzului in the south of Bucovina, reveals the secrets of the sacred Moldovan cuisine for centuries.

Source: Facebook
Mirela Nechita was born in the village of Dolheștii Mici in Valea Şomuzului. He founded the Association a few years ago Tourist in Dolhești, which aims to promote ecotourism and cultural tourism in the region and border in Neamt and Iași regions. Wanting to promote the traditional gastronomy of Bucovina, the entrepreneur shared a recipe for a dessert that delights Romanian tourists and the increasing number of foreign tourists visiting this country. It’s about the famous thighs and waist.

The fun is in the details

“We need 1 kilogram of flour, 200 grams of sugar, 2-3 eggs, a cube of yeast.

500 ml of milk and about 150 grams of fat (but pure lard can also be used). You will also need spices, vanilla sugar, rum essence, lemon peel, and a teaspoon of salt.

First, we prepare chersan, that is, a large bowl. We put on our kitchen curtains and wrap our hair with handkerchiefs, wash our hands thoroughly and get to work. Boil the milk. When it is ready, pour it on the lard. We can also add sugar to milk.

The sign of the Holy Cross gives Valea Şomuzului textiles a special taste.

We make nests in the dough and boldly pour milk over the dough. You may think that it is not good, but I promise you that it will suit our flour. Separately, we put yeast in a little warm water and wait for the volcano of mayonnaise to cool down, we mix them, but before that, we put eggs, salt. We mix them for more than 30 minutes.

Flour will begin to rise in our hands. We leave it to ferment, but before that we make the sign of the Holy Cross and cover it with a clean cloth. It is protected from fire.

Our difference is that the cheese is filling. We mix about 2 kilograms of cheese and 500 grams of sugar, 8 eggs, spices, raisins, about 10 tablespoons of wheat flour. Mix everything well until it becomes smooth and creamy. When the dough rises, we take it to mold and make perfect pies and make them real and legs at the waistwe mold each one separately and the cheese in the middle of the bread and the edge brought to the middle.

Put them in trays, sprinkle them with eggs and put them in an oven heated to 180 degrees. After forty-five minutes, they are removed, sprinkled with syrup and steamed under the tablecloth. They are served hot, put it well on a wooden plate. Enjoy the pies!! Mirela Nechita concluded.

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