Pizza Recipe by Teo Trandafir. What the stars use

Teo Trandafir needs no introduction, as he is one of the most famous and famous television presenters in Romania. The star enjoys many names, both in bottles and online. What are the favorite pizza recipes that Teo Trandafir shared with his fans.

What kind of pizza does Teo Trandafir eat?

Teo Trandafir had, over time, problems with weight changes, but now the star is in a fantastic physical shape.

Due to serious health problems, which he overcame in the past, the presenter of Kanal D underwent weight loss, after which he completely changed his daily diet with the help of a Bodybuilder, Mihaela Bilic.

However, Teo Trandafir does not leave or leave out some of the favorite foods, and prepares recipes according to the foods that are left out.

Because he is a big fan of pizza, the TV star has discovered the perfect vegan pizza recipe, which he eats when he is craving something healthy. This includes:

“There is a recipe, but I don’t know what it’s called. It’s a kind of pizza, but instead of a topping, which I don’t like, they put slices of eggplant cut lengthwise.

The recipe is simple: you put the wounded chicken, then onion, pepper, mozzarella, cheese, prosciutto crudo, what we have in the fridge and what we like.

You can add as many layers as you want, and put everything in the oven. Anyone can prepare this dish at home, with little effort,” Teo Trandafir told

What does Teo Trandafir eat for breakfast

As for the secret of his figure, Teo Trandafir confesses that he never jumps the head table. However, the TV viewer always gives to dessert, and eats fruit instead of snacks. For breakfast, the star eats something light, like rye bread and quail eggs.

“Generally, my colleagues and I eat the main meal, we all eat the same thing, usually the menu of the day from one of the restaurants in Bucharest: chicken breast and salad, chicken feet and whatever side dishes are available that

I usually pass on the dessert, but I keep the fruit for a snack. In the morning, I eat rye bread and quail eggs or slices, and I go,” the star added in the quoted source.

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