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The late Radu Anton Roman revealed his unique recipe for eggplant sausage in the book “Cooking, wine and Romanian culture”. The chef explains what is the secret of the special food and what the wives have to do with it.

You will need the following: three kilograms of aubergines, three kilograms of red donuts, three kilograms of tomatoes, two kilograms of onions, 10 capsicums, 750 ml of oil, a head of garlic, two hot peppers, salt, pepper and paprika like. taste.

Eggplant is cooked on the stove, cleaned with water.

“The doughnut, pepper and onion are fried, then cut into hot oil. Eggplant is also used in heat. Cut the tomatoes from the green and hard, cut well and add to the frying. Everything will bubble for 1 hour, in a covered pot, over low heat, stirring often, so that it does not stick. Finally, add garlic, salt and pepper, and let it cook for a few more minutes. Store in a tightly closed jar. To save, put the pot of sausage in a large bowl, cook for half an hour more”, writes Radu Anton Roman in the book “Cooking, wine and Romanian culture”.

The secret to perfect eggplant cooking

And Chef Joseph Hadad explained, in his blog, the secret of delicious food. The chef said that eggplants should not be kept in the refrigerator before cooking because they “suffer from frostbite and the head turns brown.”

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“Summer is a fun time for eggplant lovers. The mountain of these towers above the market, and the price is very expensive. Not to mention that being their time here, you can Enjoy local vegetables, not brought from overseas.

Romanian eggplant salad or those from the Middle East, such as babaganous or moutabal, grilled eggplant, eggplant mousaka, stuffed eggplant, and the list of recipes goes on. All these things you can enjoy at this time if you still want to make an eggplant treat, or maybe you are saving for a cold eggplant salad, and it would be good to know how to store them to spread their lives forever. it is cooked, without the risk of spoilage or dehydration. Eggplant is best kept at room temperature, with a touch of cold. Therefore, keep them in the refrigerator so that they do not spoil due to the cold weather there. I mean simply, they end up suffering from frostbite, the skin becomes lighter in color, and the head becomes brown. Maybe it will seem strange to you, but tomatoes, which are close relatives of eggplants, should also be kept at room temperature.

If you still want to keep eggplant in the refrigerator, then the maximum time of keeping them should not exceed 3 days. The best place is the vegetable drawer, and to prevent them from spoiling, it is recommended that you put them in paper towels.

But room temperature can also be deceiving. In the summer, the kitchen is often very hot, so if you can keep the eggplant in a cool place and out of direct sunlight, that is the solution. The dining area, the closet or maybe the basement, for those who enjoy such things, is the best place,” wrote Chef Joseph Hadad on his blog.

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