Roe salad with semolina. A simple recipe for a delicious meal

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For fans of dishes from the fishing region, roe and semolina salad is an option worth considering. Because it is made according to a simple recipe, caviar and semolina salad is a quick preparation and is a perfect meal for a summer day.

Roe and semolina salad recipe

materials used

– 100 g roe (carp or salted fish, fresh or salted),

– 100 g of semolina,

– 300 ml oil,

– red (or white) onion well,

– juice from half a lemon,

– 2-3 tablespoons of mineral water

Recipe for roe salad with semolina

For the roe and semolina salad, cook the semolina and leave it until it becomes smooth. When it is ready, let it cool.

If the roe is fresh, you need to add salt to taste. If you’re using store-bought salted venison, you should first eat it in a large bowl of water, and put 2 pieces of bread on top of it. They are kept in water for about 3-4 hours before preparation.

Add the boiled and cooled semolina to the blender, then add the roe to the mixture for about 2-3 minutes. After they are thoroughly cleaned, slowly add the oil, lemon juice and mineral water, and continue to mix until the desired balance is achieved.

Pour the oil patiently, little by little, so as not to reduce the salad. After we get the consistency of the roe, add the onion very well. Garnish the roe salad with dill leaves or black olives and serve cold.

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