The best burgers from Transylvania arrive at Graf on December 10-12

In November of this year, the Graf Hotel launched an idea for the first time in Oradea: series fEAT chart. includes temporary partnerships with other top restaurants in the country, with the aim of giving guests the opportunity to try famous dishes from Romania. If the first “event” was about the famous Tudor Burgers from Bucharest, this time the focus is on Transylvania, specifically the famous Elemózsia Food Truck.

Elemózsia Food Truck had great success at the Oradea Street Food Festival, where it is a sought-after brand, due to the delicious burgers it offers.

“We hope that our guests will be at least as excited about the Elemózsia burgers as they are at the Street Food Festival. Then they are really the stars of the event. Let’s wonder what happened to their buns – which are made according to a special recipe – are amazing, but on top of that comes good meat, cooked in their own way. Of course, sauces and ingredients everything else is used to create all the elements that make the burgers unforgettable. Including unusual associations that contribute to their beauty. Maybe you won’t expect to find blueberry jam or fried apples in a burger, but the final result is wonderful,” Laviniu Alafi, manager of Graf Oradea tells us.

First event, great success

The first event in the Graf fEAT series. – with Tudor Burgers – was a real success. The people of Oradea are happy with the burgers, so the success of the order and request was created in the restaurant. Tudor Aposteanu, the founder of the business, personally came to Graf, to help make dishes together with the team from Oradea. At this time, the Elemózsia team will be present, helping with all the cooking processes.

On December 10, 11 and 12, you will be able to choose from six burgers available, including Patty Melt Burger (specialty with stuffed bread) Elvis Presley (a special blend of beef, peanut butter, bacon, grilled banana and blueberry jam), Burger is broken, Beef Burger, Pulled real pork and veggie burger (with camembert, grilled apple, blueberry jam and butter cream). Elemózsia’s specialties are typical, based on a combination of novelties and ingredients you might not expect to find in a burger. What we can tell you for sure is that – once you taste it – there is a risk that you will think about “the best burgers in Transylvania” for a long time from now on.

The founder of Elemózsia, Jakab Mozes, conceived his dream in this brand, starting the business immediately after returning to Budapest, where he graduated from the famous “Gundel Karoly” Chef School. The name Elemózsia itself comes from Mózsi, the owner’s name, but it is also a derivative of the traditional word “elemózsia”, which means “food” in Hungarian. Since 2016, Elemózsia has faithfully respected the principles of good street food: delicious food, at acceptable prices, and fast service. And even if the food is prepared quickly, there is no money from the best ingredients, or from the right way of preparation.

The price of a burger in Graf Oradea will be between 32 and 45 lei. The local team will work in tandem with those from Elemózsia, so you will be sure to get a good dish, regardless of whether you choose to serve it in the restaurant, and Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea street, no. 3, or order at home or office from personal delivery system (depending on the telephone system, on 0754 991 133) or platforms tazz by eMag, Welcome and panda food.

Beers from Beers Nova

Because the burger goes well with a good beer, the Graf team also comes for this part with the producer chosen in the brow. More specifically, City of Nova, one of the country’s most beloved craft beers. Like the event at Tudor Burgers, and inside fEAT chart. Elemózsia will have three types of beer available: Helles, Porter and IPA.

Graph fEAT method. … to be continued

The Graf team wants the first two parts to be just the beginning of the whole advertising process, and in the future they plan to invite other hotels from the country and, why, from abroad. To keep up to date with their news, we recommend that you follow them on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, but also on their website:

Order: 0754 991 133

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