The best burgers in town are coming November 19-21 at Graf

Good news for burger lovers: between November 19-21, a selection of Tudor Gourmet Burgers dishes will be available at the Graf restaurant, one of the most popular restaurants in the country.

Hotel Graf presents a new idea in Oradea: the idea of ​​”borrowing” the dishes of famous restaurants in the country, with the aim of giving the residents of Oradea a unique experience: “From the duet we newspaperwe intend to expand the gastronomic horizons of Oradea residents and to bring a series of events to the city. come out. In other words, the restaurant “comes” for a while in the area, and our guests can try their food specifically for a short time”, Laviniu Alafi, manager of Graf Oradea, told us.

Relations with the “competition”, because of the people of Oradea

From the space of events fEAT chart. Tudor Burgers, The restaurant shows that it puts good food above the number of chefs. Tudor Aposteanu, founder of the network Tudor Gourmet Burgers and a former Masterchef finalist, will personally come to Oradea to prepare burgers appreciated in Bucharest, but also in other cities and towns where the place is located (Ploiesti, Focşani, Timişoara). Tudor Gourmet Burgers is known for reinventing burgers gourmetfrom the quality of the ingredients, the surprising complexities, the new recipes and the signature sauces that they have developed over time.

Between November 19-21, residents of Oradea will be able to try food options from the Tudor Gourmet Burgers menu, at lower prices than in Bucharest: Western (35 lei), Trump (35 lei), The Basterd (33 lei), Black Truffles (35 lei), Fain ca’n Ardeal (35 lei), Uncle Sam (47 lei). All these things will exist and the Graf Hotelbut they can be ordered: through our own delivery system (depending on the phone number, on 0754 991 133) or tazz via eMag, glovo platforms and panda food. Burgers will be prepared by Graf’s team showing (not in partnership with) the owner of Tudor Gourmet Burgers himself. Therefore, it will be a unique experience for the gourmets of Oradea. A full list of Tudor Gourmet Burgers restaurants can be found here Here.

Graph fEAT method. … to be continued

Graf’s team wants this to be just the beginning of a series of similar events come out, and in the future they plan to invite other restaurants from the country and, why, from abroad. To keep up to date with their stories, we recommend that you follow them on social networks Facebook and Instagrambut also on their website:

Order: 0754 991 133


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