The best burgers in town are coming to BURGERFEST 2022 between May 20 and 22

The best burgers in towncome to the capital for the sixth edition BURGERFEST! The only event in Romania dedicated only to burgers, will take place this month, in the middle May 20 and 22.

BURGERFEST all burger lovers are waiting to rest on green grass and fresh air, and the biggest burger festival in the country, so it’s time to show which are the twenty-three restaurants waiting for us at BURGERFEST 2022.

Whether we are talking about the best restaurant, car or truck profile in Bucharest, or the best burger in Mangalia, Pitesti, Sibiu, Cluj or Târgu Mureș, the sixth edition of BURGERFEST gathers all, between May 20 and 22, and Green Stop Arena (Str. Barbu Văcărescu 162-164). Inquisitors and professional burger gourmands will have more than 60 types of burgers to enjoy. This is the final list of restaurants from BURGERFEST 2022. Great food!

Base Bistro
Big John
Burger House (Cluj)
Burger Van
People who make noise
Captain Burger
Angus House

Circus Hotel
Burger City (Sibiu)
Perfect Sweet Burgers (Mangalia)
Gastro Sibiu
GranPan Dor (Târgu Mureș)
Hashtag Pub
Eat meat
Miss Grill
Old brick home
Destroy the Burger
Good smoke
The Burgers by Paul Vrabie
Uncle John
Yoyo Burger

And because the tasty burger goes well with coffee or dessert, we have prepared the following guests:
Orygyns Specialty Coffee
I, Bubble Waffle
Ice Cream Barrel

And those who want their days to be fruitful, go BURGERFEST Prosecco workers and frizzante suppliers also come, Frizzante rides a horse.

ticket It will be sold in the Iabilet network and online at

The public will enjoy many hours of leisure and green grass, good music and other activities, dedicated to adults and children. In addition, like every year, puppies are often welcomed in the festival space.

And while we’re talking about good music, we take the opportunity to announce, every day, music events:
May 20:

21 May:

May 22:

The ROA game has become a tradition for BURGERFEST. The founding members are Bogdan Popoiag (UNU’) and Cezar Stanciulescu (Junkyard). Their show was made on FM in 2010, since its first release called Ne Place. From May 2011, a new member joined the group. Cristin Negriuc is his name and he will be responsible for the electric element of the guitar sound. With a slightly different approach to music – specific, electronic or funky, ROA’s characteristic style gave birth to songs like Ne ebe or D-aia, which will also be heard at BURGERFEST, at the closing of the festival , one evening in May. 22.

BURGERFEST will choose for the sixth year in a row the BEST BURGER, in a competition where all the restaurants from the event are invited, the right people from the food sector.

competition The best burger it also takes place at the level of amateurs, occasional cooks, who believe that they cook well and believe that they can provide delicious and inspired food. For this category, the jury will be representatives of the hotel in the competition dedicated to professionals.
Access to BURGERFEST will depend on tickets, the price is 25 lei for a one-day ticket and 50 lei for a subscription that allows access to all 3 (three) days of the festival.

The organizers also promote the public An early birdso that until May 9, registration will have a support price of 40 lei for all 3 days of the event.

Tickets purchased for the 2020 or 2021 edition, editions that were canceled due to illness, will be valid for this year’s edition.

BURGERFEST is an event presented by Lidl, sponsored by Birra Moretti, presented and supported by Tazz Heinz and Olympus.
Maria Group is the meat supplier of BURGERFEST.

Industrial cleaning partner: Epack

Powered by ROCK FM

Media partners: PAPRIKA TV


BURGERFEST is an event organized by Mixtopia Events.

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