The easiest and most delicious chocolate strudel. Instruction can also be done from a young age

The easiest and most delicious chocolate strudel. Instruction can also be done from a young age. Source – Pexels

Chocolate strudel is sweet, aromatic and at the same time easy to prepare.

Ingredients for four pieces:

chocolate – 4 pieces,

1 sheet of puff pastry,

1 egg,

chopped nuts.

Preparation process

First, leave the dough in the refrigerator overnight. If the dough is in the refrigerator, take it out and leave it at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before you start preparing the chocolate strudel recipe.

The dough should be strong and moldable. Cut the dough into pieces, which should be larger than the chocolates. We specify that the number of pieces of dough will be equal to the number of chocolates.

Place one piece of chocolate on top of one rectangle of dough. Cut the dough from the sides into pieces that you will use to wrap the chocolate, starting from the top and bottom.

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Brush the dough with beaten egg and sprinkle with crushed walnuts. The dessert is made in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 °C.

Money. Chocolate popcorn: turns a simple snack into a delicious snack

Simple popcorn can be turned into a delicious meal for the whole family to enjoy or to impress your guests.

You don’t need much for this.


55 grams of unsalted butter,

40 grams of cocoa butter,

50 grams of popcorn,

85 ml water,

110 ml of corn syrup,

255 grams of sugar,

85 grams of 72% chocolate,

sodium bicarbonate,

1 gram of salt.

Step by step instructions

Prepare the popcorn as usual. In the meantime, prepare the chocolate ingredients. For this, you will need a large bowl, which you grease with butter and put popcorn in it.

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In a saucepan, mix the water, corn syrup, cocoa butter and sugar and bring to a boil. Mix until the composition begins to boil. Continue cooking for 10 minutes.

When the syrup is ready, remove the pan from the heat and add the chocolate, stirring it with a spatula. Then add soda and salt. The mixture must have a foamy appearance.

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Pour the chocolate mixture over the popcorn and mix well to coat all the popcorn. Meanwhile, grease a deep pan with butter. Pour the chocolate covered popcorn into it, with the help of a fork, separate the popcorn from each other. Leave to cool for about 45 minutes. After that, store in an airtight container, because contact with air will soften the popcorn.

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Poprockn and chocolate can be kept for two weeks at room temperature and one month in the refrigerator. Good appetite!

Money. Mix all the nutrients and the perfect cake is ready. One piece contains only 190 calories

Even if you are eating, we should not miss the delicious dessert, which makes our mood good.

But every time we try to find a way to have a really fun and delicious meal with fewer calories.

Today, we will make a perfect dessert that contains only 190 calories. The taste and texture of this dessert will not make us think about food.

Ingredients for 8 servings:

4 eggs,

4 tablespoons water,

lemon juice,

a pinch of salt,

100 grams of flour,

100 grams of starch,

half a bag of flour,

60 ml honey,

80 grams of stevia,

powdered sugar for decoration,

dark chocolate for decoration,

butter and flour for bread tray.

Preparation of

Separate the yolks from the whites and put them in separate dishes. We add 4 tablespoons of boiling water to the egg yolk and start mixing them, and introduce the essence of lemon.

When the yolk has become light and fluffy, add the flour and mix it well so that it does not rise. Now add starch and flour, continuing to mix until the dough becomes uniform.

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Egg whites are beaten with salt, then we gently put them in the dough, helping us with a spatula. We will get a mixture without lumps.

A piece of bread is greased with butter and covered with flour. The dough is poured into a pan, which is placed in the oven. The cake is baked at 180 degrees until ready. When the bread is ready to eat, we wait for it to cool down and remove it from the cooking area.

We put the cake on a plate and decorate it with powdered sugar and grated chocolate. Good appetite!

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