The secret to German-style pickles. A unique combination that makes them very tasty

The parents are preparing at this time to set up their restaurant. Many cooks are bored with old recipes and want to try something new. All women want to surprise their family with small details, especially when it comes to such dishes. Some Romanians eat pickles at any time during the winter, but really few people have ever heard of such a fermented vegetable. How do you cook them German style? You want something special.

Cucumber recipes: how to prepare them in German style?

Romanians adore pickles. They eat them with every meal in the winter. A salad of many fermented vegetables is perfect next to a stew or meat that is well made in the oven.

Many housewives are already doing good recipes. If you want to surprise your family, prepare cucumbers in the German style. The special secret that chefs use for special pickles is a lot of sugar and brine.

Romanians don’t usually add such flavors to their vegetables that they leave to ferment for the winter. Below are the ingredients and the step-by-step preparation process.

The experts suggest to make a plan according to the book according to the result that is desired. Do not try to improve things too much if you are not an expert or if you are not very knowledgeable.

Note on the preparation process

500 g small cucumbers or ordinary cucumbers
200 ml of apple cider vinegar
1/2 red onion
200 ml of water
4 tablespoons sugar*
1 tablespoon of salt
Mustard seeds, peppercorns, bay leaf, dried thyme, dill or horseradish (optional)

  • Equipment: small pots and airless glass jars.
  • Preparation time 15 min.
  • Break Time: Minimum 45 min.

Method of preparation: wash the cucumbers, cut the onion into slices and cut the pickles long. If you have small cucumbers, you can leave them whole. Add the vegetables along with the spices and add the water, wine, sugar and salt in a hot food processor. Mix the water until the sugar and salt dissolve, then pour everything over the vegetables in the pot.

Leave the pots in a cool place for at least 45-50 minutes, then you can store them under the grill so you don’t get out of the sun’s rays as much as possible. For a clearer flavor, experts recommend using several optional spices. Horseradish, watercress, thyme, mustard seeds and black pepper are very helpful.

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