The unique history of the American hamburger. What does the man who ate 20,000 hamburgers say

The man ate 20,000 hamburgers in his life

George Motz, a kind of burger expert, has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to travel to the United States, to search and study hamburgers. Later, he shot, edited and directed his 2004 documentary film called “American Hamburger”, Motz went on to publish a state-by-state burger guide and published his first cookbook, “The Great American Burger Book”in 2016.

“I like to brag that I ate more hamburgers than youMotz told CNN.

Motz says he has eaten about 20,000 burgers in his lifetime, and has no plans to stop anytime soon. During his travels, Motz found a burger joint that continues to serve burgers as they were made 100 years ago.

The American hamburger is actually Mongolian

According to Motz, the story of the origin of the hamburger began in Mongolia in the 13th century, when the Mongols and Tatars were at war.
“The Tartars seem to have a fondness for pork. They eat pork under their saddles all day long. When they camp, they take the raw meat which heat it up, kill it, maybe add some spices, and eat it that way..

Finally, the plate reached workers in the ports of the Baltic Sea, which made it to the western part of Europe, including Scandinavia.

Hamburger – or Hamburg steak

From there, the recipe made its way to Germany at the port of Hamburg. When it arrived in Germany centuries later, the dish changed from minced meat to boiled beef, known today as frikadellen.

Motz explained that while German immigrants were waiting for their boats, they ate frikadellen as a cheap and tasty food option.

When they left Hamburg for the USA in the middle of the 19th century, the travelers brought with them knowledge of the dish.

Frikadellen eventually made its way to the United States, and I can imagine that frikadellen means everything to most people in the US, except for Germans. So he had to change the name at that time to a version of Hamburg steak, “or just, Hamburg steak.”

As Germans moved west across the United States to work in agriculture, statecraft began to emerge.
Farmers from different walks of life will attend these shows to learn about different farming practices and resources. According to Motz, German immigrants set up stands where they served Hamburg steak, which was considered ethnic food at the time.

The process continued, and the restaurant began serving sandwiches. Hamburgers are now the pride of American cuisine, Motz said.
The hamburger is almost the only food that has been invented in America in the last 100 years. It started as an ethnic dish from Germany, but we adopted it and made it different by putting it in bread.”

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