These pancakes are very tasty and do not stick to the pan. You need a secret

These pancakes are very tasty and do not stick to the pan. You need a secret. Source –

Pancakes are liked by many people. They can be given sweet or savory food, and a cup of aromatic tea.

Pancakes prepared like this recipe are easy to make and do not need a pan. They are good to be served with any filling, especially jam or jam. You can also choose cheese, combined with the top for filling!

Here’s what you need:

4 tablespoons cooking oil,

4 spoons of sugar,

2 cups flour,

2 cups of milk,

4 eggs,

2 tablespoons of starch,

1 tablespoon of boiling water,

vanilla scent,

a pinch of salt.

Step by step preparation

The basis of these pancakes is well-beaten eggs. Beat them with sugar, add a little vanilla essence and a little salt. Now you can add milk and oil and keep mixing.

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The magic ingredient that guarantees perfect pancakes is starch. It should be added to boiling water and mixed well. The starch is then added to the bowl and egg. At the end, slowly add the flour, so that there are no lumps.

Now heat the pan and start frying the pancakes. Ready pancakes can be filled with your favorite jam. You can also fill them with cheese, mix it with a little dill. Good appetite!

Money. Pancakes are soft and delicious. Change the usage patterns and custom settings for awesome results

There are many pancake recipes, but this is the one you may not know. Two tricks will help you make perfect pancakes.

Well, it’s true, pancakes will be very large: thin, hollow and very tasty.

You need:

drinking yogurt – one liter,

milk – one cup,

eggs – three pieces,

flour – two cups,

salt powder,

sugar – 2 tablespoons,

sunflower oil – three tablespoons.

Step by step instructions

There is nothing special in the list of ingredients. All the tricks are not in them, but how and how to put them in the bowl.

The first step is yogurt. It must be heated. We usually make dough with cold yogurt. Try to warm it up before using it. Therefore, heat a liter of yogurt, add 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt and mix. Yogurt will begin to increase in volume.

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The second trick is the method of use. If the next thing was eggs, now it’s flour. Add the flour, taking care to make the dough stiff.

And now, put three eggs in the dough. Mix and add cold milk to make the dough more moist, but also a little sunflower oil. You can start making pancakes, which will be good.

It would seem that there is nothing special in the design, since the materials used are the same. But we assure you: pancakes prepared in this way are perfect. Good appetite!

Money. Mix figs with ricotta and you will get an explosion of taste and aroma. It will be your favorite dessert

September brings back our desire to cook and fire up the oven to create exciting desserts.

Today, we offer you a dessert that combines the goodness of figs, the most common fruit of the season, and ricotta, a good preparation in many recipes. In addition, to improve the taste, you will add a few spoons of honey, which will reduce the consumption of sugar.

A soft dough with a shiny texture and a bright filling will win you over. Dessert is a wonderful thing to eat both at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn. Either as a snack or to be served for breakfast, along with a cup of tea or coffee.


330 grams of flour;

150 grams of sugar;

120 grams of butter;

2 eggs;

one bag of powder;

A pinch of salt;

500 grams of ricotta milk;

400 grams of figs;

4 spoons of honey;


Preparation process

Take a large bowl, add flour, soft butter, 80 grams of sugar and two egg yolks. Mix well before adding the powder. Mix with your hands and form a ball, which you will use to wrap the food film. Put the dough balls in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

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Meanwhile, make the filling. In a large bowl, add the remaining sugar and ricotta milk. Mix it well with a fork, then mix it with 100 grams of figs, two spoons of honey and cinnamon. Finally, you will add the two layers planted earlier. The mixture should be very creamy.

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Remove the dough from the refrigerator and spread three parts in the pan. After that, pour the cream prepared earlier, trying to spread it well. Slice the remaining figs and place them on top. Finally, use the remaining minutes of the dough to mix it over the cake, finish it with a few spoons of honey.

Put the pan in the oven and bake the cake at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes. This cake, which combines the taste of figs with honey and ricotta, will really be an explosion of taste and aroma. Good appetite!

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