This weekend is WishFest – the first festival dedicated to lanterns and water

The second edition of WishFest – the first festival in Romania dedicated to water lamps – will take place on September 17 and 18, by the Floreasca lake in Bucharest (Calea Floreasca no. 161 – 219). Bringing together both the Thai traditions that inspire the festival and new festival ideas, WishFest offers a unique experience for every year: handmade, personalized lanterns that will be left every night on the lake, The air is hot, the food is delicious. gourmets, live music on the pontoon, activities for the whole family and an exhibition of products made by manufacturers. The event is from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm and public entry is free.
Takes out the lamp
In Thailand, there is an old tradition of more than 700 years: every autumn, people put lanterns on the water, written with wishes and thanks, which will lead their prayers to the sky. Since then, this has been a great occasion for celebration, and these lighted lanterns have continued to be a symbol of new beginnings. To send dreams forward to the sky and to celebrate hope and joy of life, WishFest appeared, the first festival in Romania dedicated to lanterns and water, and every evening, during the festival, thousands of lights will float on above Lake Floreasca. lamp. Kits with lamps, bags and signs can be reserved here:ăKitWishfest or can be purchased during the event.
Hot air balloon rides
One of the hot air balloons in Europe will be at WishFest, where it will be possible to raise the anchor and the participants will be able to see Lake Floreasca from above, illuminated by the wishes of thousands people. The project “RiseUP – Bucharest on the Sky by MachineMan”, which brings the idea of ​​a hot air balloon festival around the city, participates in the preview at Wishfest-Festival of Lanterns on the Water, Saturday 17 and. Sunday 18 September, between 17:00 – 22:00. The citizens of Bucharest will be lifted to the anchor above the Floreasca lake to about 20 meters, depending on the weather.
Weather conditions for raising a hot air balloon: temperature below 30 degrees, wind below 2m/second and a speed of 3 m/s. The Pilot-in-Command is the only person who decides whether to lift the balloon under safe conditions for the passengers, because he is the one who monitors the developing weather conditions. This data is written only according to the Top Meteo website.
Live music at Lake Floreasca
Both Saturday and Sunday, between 14:00 and 19:00, Pixar Stelar and Brugner transform the pool into the best place for dancing and socializing with retro disco music and other great music to go to stage and pontoon Romanian – Soul Serenade. and The Amsterdams on Saturday and We Sing Color and Eyedrops on Sunday.
Food area
Guests will be able to enjoy at WishFest a lot of fish and seafood, Colombian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indian street food, delicious burgers, but also traditional Lebanese delicacies, artisanal ice cream, homemade pies house and waffles. It is possible to taste craft beer, lemonade, bubble tea and specialty coffee.
Activities for the whole family
During the day, there will be many activities for adults and children, both games, from Roundnet (Spikeball), a new game that conquers the world, children’s games (Castle, Princess, Hide and Search, Blind Baba , Ducks and Hunters). ) and treasure hunting, for creators – percussion workshops, theater and storytelling, workshops for arranging lanterns, paintings and various supports, jewelry making, dreamers and jewelry, tattoos henna and colored pigtails, a theater for children with a theater Soulful: The Magic of the Screen and Mom and Dad Behaving Strangely, two adaptations of the book of the same name written by Urban Princess and with the band Etherium : Little Red Riding Hood in music and ballet recitals.
Dreamy Fair, the art fair within WishFest, brings together artists and artisans with hand-painted clothing, handmade jewelry, children’s books and toys, accessories and jewelry for all tastes.
Wishfest is an important event, takes care of the environment and everything has been done to protect it – all lamps are made by hand from materials.
biodegradable (rice paper and wood) and evening after evening, a dedicated team will clean
river and lake surface.
Details about the program can be found by hours and events at and further
Partners: Embassy of Thailand in Bucharest, RiseUP – Bucharest and Sky by MachineMan, Becks
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