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I don’t want to outdo Jamila (difficult) or Cookie (impossible). But the recipe I want to show you today has certain qualities that the chef cannot match.

It is for the crime record obtained at home, excellent to serve both on summer afternoons and on winter evenings.

So, you use a computer or smartphone or tablet, carefully fill in a few fields to the right light, press the enter key with your finger and have fun as you like.

The applications are free and the recording can be enjoyed there, directly in the pdf format tray.

Guaranteed, there will be more than 2.5 million Romanians who will be more than happy with the taste and stability of the recipe, thinking that they will no longer gather in the streets and police stations for a simple meal is done at home. Good news for social workers as well, who are taking away the heavy burden of enjoying a dozen hapuris on the table every day. And for STB. And for employees. Calculate for yourself how many millions of people will enjoy my recipes. Eat this, Jamie Oliver!

We wrote here that we will not stop with the simple extermination of innocent children as the documents issued by local authorities and local people walking for other local authorities. Together with my friend Sebastian Burduja we have some digitization plans that I will qualify as pleasure in relation to people’s lives. Reasonable talk should have happened a long time ago, an administrative move that could start an internal snowball between the state and citizens.

I concluded by remembering the words of a good friend, who said, about the record, that the best situation you can find yourself in is when you don’t have it. Happiness follows me for other meals.

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