Tourists who choose to visit Sighisoara will experience a food festival

Tourists who chose Sighisoara during this long weekend, hit the spot. At the fortress, dishes are celebrated based on recipes from all continents.

The cobblestone streets smell sweet, guests passing one by one, burgers, pancakes or ice cream vans.

25 international cuisines are now available in the Medieval Citadel of Sighișoara

There are 25 international kitchens in tourist style, gathered in the Medieval Citadel of Sighișoara. Tired after walking the long streets, visitors can choose their lunch according to their preferences. Indian, Mexican, Italian or Japanese food. Burgers and wraps, all with lots of vegetables or fresh salad leaves.

Cătălin Constantinescu, Indian chef: We took the most popular butter chicken. If we talk about Indian food, it is a niche food that has slowly started to develop“.

Andrei Cerbu, Mexican cuisine:I came all the way from Bucharest with the weirdest and trickiest burrito. Burritos and tacos seem to be popular this year. If a few years ago the burger was the new shawarma, now the burrito is the new burger“.

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Burger and bun with gorgonzola or ice cream and wine, an unforgettable experience

Another mobile kitchen prepares burgers and black buns, along with arugula and gorgonzola.

Tourist: It has gorgonzola, it has real meat“.

For dessert, pancakes are sought after, and especially artisanal ice cream, prepared on the spot in a frozen tray.

Valentin Ghita:We don’t sell ice cream, we sell experiences. We also have alcoholic ice cream to please everyone“.

Tourist:They are all good. It was our first time, it was beautiful, it was a pleasant surprise“.

Tourist:I really like those flavors. Curry is a unique culinary experience“.

The festival runs through Monday night, and guests are invited to participate in a burger or chili eating contest.

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