Unhealthy food that Romanians eat every day. It is unbelievable what happens to the body when you eat it

A doctor comes with a special warning for Romanians. Doctors say that most people eat this food often, especially those who have a small budget when it comes to shopping in a store or market. The expert says that no one should eat at least in large quantities this item is the first on everyone’s list. What is it?

Junk food: Romanians eat it every day

Doctor Mihail Pautov posted a new video message on Facebook for Romanians. He argued that most people overeat and should cut back. Specifically, it is for any type of potato.

The expert pointed out that especially the residents of Romania have potatoes at the top of their shopping list. During this time, many people choose it because it is sweet, makes you hungry and is good for the price. Many netizens were speechless when they heard the doctor’s message.

Some of them thought that old people lived for many years eating potatoes 3 or 4 times a week because of lack of other food. Others pointed out that the grandparents often ate potatoes for lunch or dinner in potato stew or soup.

“Every time I eat potatoes, my blood sugar rises, more than when I eat ice cream, cookies.

The explanation is simple: potatoes contain a lot of starch, which is converted by the body into pure glucose. It is better to eat only meat and salad and at the end a small scoop of ice cream, than to add potatoes,” says Dr. Mihail Pautov.

“And I asked why our elders lived to be a hundred years old and ate…”

“I also ask why our elders live for a hundred years and eat potatoes 3-4 times a week”, “Our great-grandfathers ate most of the time only at lunch and in the evening. Potato head, soup. They don’t drink coffee from Starbucks, or juice, they don’t have snacks.

If they taste sweet, it’s a homemade donut on Easter Thursday. Also, they work all day. Now we eat a lot and sit a lot”, are just some of the comments received by experts on the official Facebook page.

What should Romanians know?

Many people respect potatoes for their taste, but also because many recipes can be made from them. However, people should be careful when choosing them that they do not have spots or green leaves.

“The taste is bitter. An increase in solanine levels can be seen by changing the color of tubers and green leaves (due to chlorophyll), but also by changing the taste, which becomes bitter.

The content of solanine corresponds to the green color of the potatoes, so they must be thoroughly cleaned of the green layer, which is discarded, keeping only the parts with normal color, “topremedinaturste.ro and – show.

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