We are looking for 12 foods or products specific to the region, …

Beiuș bread, zakusca made like at home or a jam that only Bihorense knows how to make can be a traditional product.

The Bihor Destination Management Agency (AMD) is looking for 12 products to show as specific to our region and is calling all Bihorians who know such recipes to mention them.

As in Bihor…

“Today, we are starting a new stage in the certification program of traditional or noble products. Residents can submit recipes of culinary preparations and we will identify 12 products that will be recommended for certification,” said Gabriel Bonaciu, an expert at AMD Bihor explained, at a conference on Tuesday.

As part of a cross-border project (ROHU 398), the Agency has an online form, on the fortourbhhb.ro website (in the “Product certification” category), where any natural person can tell a gastronomic product or a recipe specifically to. Bihor.

The plan will include the name of the product, the area where it can be found, the ingredients and the preparation process. Note, however, that no alcohol, spirits or wine is allowed.

Instead, recipes can be suggested for fruit juices, pies, cheeses or any other good thing that, as is done in Bihor, is not done anywhere else.

This means that a recipe for sausage can be found among these products, if it turns out that it has a secret ingredient, specific to our region, or a special method, which is done only Here.

The same project, with (from left to right) Adrian Dubere, Mihaela Ungureanu, Gabriel Bonaciu and Maximilian Drăgan

Bread, cheese, cold cuts…

The plan can be sent until April 19, then AMD Bihor experts will choose 12 plans that will create the necessary documents, in order to receive their certification as traditional or prestigious products.

Now, in Bihor, products such as bread with potatoes from Salonta and Vascău, sweet cheese and telemea from Vadu Crișului, different types of honey or cold drinks and homemade drums are supported .

“Our goal is to collect as much information as possible and to challenge the people of Bihor to tell us about emblematic products for Bihor”, said AMD Bihor adviser on this project, Maximilian Drăgan.

Step two: the local gastronomic area

These products will be documented in the manual that the Agency will make and make available in hotels, restaurants and hotels in Bihor, but also online, on the website of him, as any Bihorean can ask him. or tourists who are eager to eat as it is in our area. Also, for every 12 products, AMD will make a short promotional video.

The products prepared in the future can also be the attraction of some regional gastronomic points, which AMD wants to encourage in Bihor. In fact, the Bihorean will be able to authorize itself as a local gastronomic center and invite tourists to the table, offering them only traditional products or food cooked with local products. The explanation of these points is that they don’t have to meet as many difficulties and demands as restaurants and that they have a limited portion that they can serve in a day.

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