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Although summer is over, events in Bucharest are still going strong. So, city dwellers have a variety of weekend events to choose from September 17-18, 2022.

What you can do at the end of the week, if you are in the city

Although summer has come to an end and school has started, Bucharest is still full of activities that people can enjoy during their vacation. Bucharesters who have not planned for the weekend of September 17-18 can participate in one of the events organized in the capital.

The weekend brings people a variety of activities including: concerts, shows, community activities, children’s theater events, walking trails, food events and antique shows.

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List – Weekend events in Bucharest (September 17-18)

To help you out, we’ve created a list of things to do this weekend in the capital. Here are the most interesting of them:

Bucharest Jazz Festival

It will take place at Combinatul Fondului Plastic and will be the only open jazz festival in the Capital. The festival returns after a two-year hiatus with an edition dedicated to Romanian jazz.

Exhibition “From Țepeș to Brâncusi – 5 centuries of history and culture in Romanian space”

The exhibition will be hosted at the Gabroveni Inn, and the people of Bucharest who are interested in history can participate in one of the most important projects of this kind. This program presents the history and culture of the Romanian people in the fifth century.

Open Roads – Bucharest, Urban Expansion

Like last weekend, this time too we will have pedestrian paths on Calea Victoriei. It will be full of entertainment and outdoor activities.

Weekend events in Bucharest. List of events for September 17-18 Photo credit: Facebook-Open Streets Bucharest

Dâmbovița delivery

This year’s Dâmbovița delivery event wants to talk about the river as a connection – between neighborhoods, between people, between ideas. On the weekend of September 16-18, in the bad part between Timpuri Noi – Mihai Bravu, the event brings back the water and the water sports and makes the road with 30 shows, industry and culture and sports, both adults and children.

“Stories from Old Bucharest” song

The concert will take place on Sunday, at the Odeon Theatre. The people of Bucharest can listen to concerts performed by Miruna Ionescu and Valentin Albeșteanu, accompanied by Taraful de Oraș and tenor Alin Stoica as guests.

Bucharest Street Food Festival

The food festival that caused a stir in the spring, returns with an autumn edition this weekend. People can go to Kiseleff Park to eat a variety of food that will be enjoyed during the event.

You will find preparations of the following types:

  • street food,
  • good food,
  • Romanian traditional food,
  • Traditional international cuisine,
  • Organic and raw vegan food.
Weekend events in Bucharest.  Event list for September 17-18 (PS hard to decide)
Weekend events in Bucharest. List of events for September 17-18 Photo credit: Street Food Festival

Excellence – International Feline Salon

Not only are humans dedicated to activities and events this weekend, but cats too. The event will be held at the Kingdom Hall this weekend. Where the people of Bucharest will be able to admire more than 200 felines from all over the world.

The international jury will evaluate models from the following categories:

  • Abyssinian, Russian Blue, Bengalese, British Shorthair, British Longhair, Devon Rex, Exotic, Maine Coon, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest, Persian, Ragdoll, Singapura, Sphinx and House Cat.

National Promotion Festival in Bucharest

For those who want to go to the movie show, they can participate in the Update Festival that takes place between September 15-18. The people of Bucharest are invited to enjoy great shows, all of them original, in a world that always cultivates attention, flexibility and compassion.

One of the best events is coming to Bucharest this weekend. Wishfest brings its 700th anniversary celebration from Thailand to Bucharest.

To send dreams forward into the Universe and to celebrate hope and the joy of living, WishFest was born, the first festival dedicated to water lanterns in Central and Eastern Europe. therefore, the participants of this event will release a lamp in Floreasca Lake, hoping to fulfill their wishes.

Weekend events in Bucharest.  Event list for September 17-18 (PS hard to decide)
Weekend Events September 17-18 – Lantern Festival – Photo credit Wishfest

KINOdiseasea Junior

Between September 14-18, there will be a film festival dedicated to children. Young audiences will be able to see films presented at international festivals.

8 movies that young children should be able to watch are:

  • Butterfly heart,
  • VINski and invisible powder,
  • This is also good.

Festival with bulz and pastrami in Tineretului Park

The festival will take place in the youth camp, it starts from Thursday, September 15, lasts until Sunday, 18. The camp will be filled with bulz e and pastrami that the shepherds themselves will hot on the grill, and sausages and sausages. beer, wine and must.

Although you may find your cholesterol level rising, the consumption does not stop at these dishes. Residents of Bucharest will also be able to enjoy Maramuresian pies, Moldovan poale-n brău, Dobrogen cheese pies and seasonal fruit pies and pastries.

For those who are not dying for pies, the exhibitors also prepared pancakes, donuts, gingerbread, cherry jam and cherry jams. All these dishes will be made with natural ingredients and cooked according to traditional recipes.

Even STB has prepared an event for Bucharest residents this weekend (September 17-18)

On the occasion of the “European Mobility Week”, between September 16-22, 2022, residents of Bucharest can participate in various activities and take part in competitions organized by STB. The theme for this year is “better connections”, as announced by the Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport Bucharest – Ilfov (TPBI).


Societate de Transport Bucharest has prepared two interesting events for the residents of the capital. Here are:

  • Motion Picture: It takes place on the weekend of September 17 to 18 and aims to make the public aware of the work that has been started and the movement continues. The event will be organized at the Charles de Gaulle Square entrance of King Mihai I Park (formerly Herăstrău).
  • Green line: Also on the weekend of September 17-18, TPBI will prepare a special bus route that will stop at various important places in Bucharest, in the areas surrounding the park and in the Ilfov area.


Those who are interested can register for one of the competitions organized during the “European Mobility Week”. You can win registration, external battery, calendar, memory stick, etc.

  • “TPBI go!”: To register in the competition, the citizens of Bucharest will scan the QR code that will be inside the bus on the “Green Line”. Those who will check all 4 codes in 4 lines will have more chances to win. Contest winners will be selected by lottery.
  • “Photo – Public transport from Bucharest to Ilfov”: This is a contest dedicated to photography enthusiasts. The best photos will be used in future TPBI campaigns. Winners will receive a wall calendar with the photos they submitted for the contest.
  • “Quiz – Public transport from Bucharest to Ilfov”: Online competitions are also supported. Those who answer these questions correctly can win thermoses, memory sticks or external phone batteries. The contest will be held on the TPBI website.

Other actions

  • Open Dates: It will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2022, between 09:00 and 15:00. Visitors will have access to the Dudești tram depot of STB SA and the STB museum.
  • Vintage tram ride: On Sunday, September 18, between 09:00 and 14:00, tram enthusiasts will be able to ride a vintage model on the route: Dudești Depot – Hurmuzachi Square – Bucur Obor – Victoria Depot – Lizeanu – Sf. Gheorghe Square and back.

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