Well done chef Cătălin Scărlătescu! The fatal fire even injured his colleague, chef Florin Dumitrescu. Leaving chefs and knives?

The producers of Antena 1 got a lot of inspiration when they introduced in the season of eating something that makes the show enjoyable. Specifically, the fight of the three leaders, and each, for the amulet. Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu, chef Florin Dumitrescu and chef Sorin Bontea will cook in each edition, judged by a special guest.

In number 8, chef Orlando Zaharia tasted three recipes prepared by Chefi la Cucite judges, who in turn are also current judges. Irina Fodor gave them, however, a rather strong work.

He brought a board with nine items and each of the three leaders drew a slide with a number on it and chose three items each for one of the contestants: “Number 1 decides what Number 2 cooks, Number 2 decides what Number 3 cooks, and Number 1 decides what Number 1 cooks.”are the rules of the competition today.

Catalin Scarlatescu he liked it and gave Florin Dumitrescu cream, chocolate and liver (foie gras). Chef Bontea got the crab with kiwi and quinoa from chef Florin Dumitrescu, and the marinated meat, beef belly and chicken neck arrived at Scărlătescu.

This mission turned out to be easy for Florin Dumitrescu, but difficult for Sorin Bontea and Cătălin Scarlătescu to accomplish.

Who won amulet number 8 in Chefs Knives?

The chef Orlando Zaharia tasted all the dishes and finally announced his decision, after watching a small dispute that started between the three chefs he will judge.

“I will choose exactly the dish I like”he said.

“Here it goes, here it’s good, there it’s very bad!”he added, when he found out what composition Efrata Cătălin Scărlătescu had.

Chef Florin Dumitrescu baked cupcake with foie gras mousse and white chocolate glaze, pan-fried foie gras with a chocolate stage, Bontea opted for crab salad with mango, hot pepper, celeriac, quinoa and coriander with kiwi jelly, and Scarlătescu made a combination of meat . and fried papadam.

“I don’t want to say much, I want to hear them!”said Orlando Zaharia, a teenager.

“Come on, tell them! They don’t come anymore!”Irina Fodor insisted.

So the eighth amulet won the dish with white chocolate, cream and foie gras, which was prepared by Florin Dumitrescu. This is the third time he has won. Chef Cătălin Scarlătescu is the only one in eight editions who has not won any amulet, fans have already started talking on social networks. Many wonder if the chef has forgotten how to cook and will continue at Chefi la Cuțite, keeping in mind that he gets humiliated when he is demoted.

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